Sunday, January 21, 2007

Its been a difficult week for NOI

First, the former Finance Minister was pipped to the Deputy UN post by an unknown from Tanzania (an Australian newspaper alleges that OBJ had his hand in the rejection), then, scandal of scandals, her hubby gets wrapped up in a sex-blackmail case. Apparently, he'd been having an affair with a 20 something nurse in the hospital where he works as a neurosurgeon. After the affair had died down, she threatened to go public until he handed over US$40k. He paid up, in two installments. Then, she called him and told him she hadn't had sex in a while and wanted to see him. He met her later that evening in the hospital carpark, where they then drove to a secluded spot and proceeded to get it on, only for someone to sneek up and take photos of them in media res. It turns out it was the nurse's boyfriend with the camera! The duo then upped the hush money fee to US$180,000, at which point, Dr Iweala alerted the FBI. The morale of the story? Don't give in to blackmailers! I hope something good comes for NOI in 2007 - its been a terrible start to the year..


Anonymous,  5:54 pm  


ayoke 7:53 pm  

The year has just began so she has about 11 months for something good to come. And true... no need giving in to blackmailers.

Anonymous,  9:32 am  

What a dumb ass...

ijebuman 12:11 pm  

After paying $40,000 to the woman, he then paid an additional $145,000 (because of the pictures taken after agreeing to have sex with the same woman) before contacting authorities.

Comon and the guy is supposed to be a Neurosurgeon 'Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me..

lm,  12:23 pm  

All I can say is - poor lady! Still being courageous woman she is, she will rise over the storm. I reserve my comments about the spouse. He's probably more sorry that he got caught.....

Anonymous,  1:06 pm  

no, ijebuman. just pray u don't find yourself in such a position. sometimes, we fail even ourselves by the goofs we commit. it's just a pity.

MsMak,  3:27 pm  

I read the article on Smoking Gun last week friday. Afterwards i googled their names and couldnt come with the story anywhere else. Now of course everyone has seen it.

I just wonder, is the story really true? Just sounds funny that after being blackmailed soneone will still return to do the same thing. For someone so prominent in the World Bank, how come this story wasnt reported anywhere else (except for Naija papers who have obviously copied the Smoking Gun article word for word).

Coupled with the Australian paper's report it seems like an awful coincidence...

Anonymous,  3:27 pm  

buy why pay and then call the authorities afterwards? thats what i don't get.

Anonymous,  12:16 am  

hahaha LOL

Anonymous,  1:41 pm  

eya, I guess Ngozi was busy fixing naija and not servicing Oga hmm or did she also have one smallee in Abuja doing the work.

Anonymous,  1:43 pm  

hmm na wow o, was she busy fixing naija and not servicing Oga, or was she also doing zomething in Abuja.

Anonymous,  3:19 pm  

@Ubong Da...Typical...when a man is blame it on the woman...he had no responsibility in this right.Quite chauvinistic don't you thin? When a woman is unfaithful do you blame the man...hmmm...somehow I don't think so.

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