Friday, January 12, 2007

Back in Nigeria!

And back blogging. We got home 15 mins ago after an epic 3 weeks in India. So much to chew on, so much that inspired, so many pics to download (I took around 600 photos). But first, to unpack..

Happy New Year people! It's going to spit and spark, then it will sparkle.


Akin 8:58 pm  

Hello Jeremy & Bibi,

Welcome back, I was beginning to think you were lost in some remote uncivilised place that the blogs were left untouched when we should have been receiving updates about your sojourn in Hindu-land.

Happy New Year and hope you are recovered enough to face Nigeria again.

Anonymous,  9:04 pm  


naijagal 9:05 pm  

welcome back!!! Go on share the pictures with us:) I would love to see it? Did you see any new bollywood flicks? I did it is called FANAA

Welcome back once again

Gbeborun of Lagos 9:21 pm  

Happy new year Jeremy! Welcome back, I missed your daily posts. Hope we wont have to wait much longer to start reading from you.

Anonymous,  10:56 pm  

Welcome back!

Anonymous,  11:29 pm  

Welcome back

Happy new year to you too.

Anonymous,  12:40 am  


I wish you a happy new year and better days ahead.

Now, I have been checking your site all this while and kept wondering where is this guy.

Glad to have you back though.I would like to read your blogs and see your pictures soon.

Anonymous,  12:44 am  

Hey Jeremy,

I was wondering where you have disappeared to, but glad to have you back though.

Hoping to read your blogs and see your pictures. I cannot wait.

And of course, why india of all places?

I celebrated mine in London, France and Belgium. Best Xmas ever.

Anonymous,  1:59 am  

Welcome home

ayoke 2:55 am  


Nomad 8:45 am  

Hi Jeremy, when I read that you were off to India, I was nostalgic. I lived in Mumbai for a while and fell in love the throbbing heart of the city. It is a paradox of a city, with its many contradictions; beauty and unbelievable squalor but the dynamism of the culture and economic growth more than make up for its negatives. I still escape into Bollywood movies often, to unwind. Can't wait to hear your thoughts and see the pictures.

Anonymous,  9:36 am  

Welcome back, looking forward to a 2007 filled with even more head butting! Just kidding.



Iheoma Obibi 5:21 pm  

Ehen, na you bi dis. Oga o! Welcome back. Great madam Bibi for me jare. Abeg make you start d tell us about India or as you call am Mumbai.

Anonymous,  7:23 pm  

Yay! Welcome back!

Anonymous,  10:06 am  

welcome back i missed u blogging so much.i bought copies of the Abidemi Sanusi book and i must say Cassava Repbulic needs another printer.Wats it with cheap newsprint and badly doen settings and all. Talk to Mukthar of Farafina and i'm sure he will link u with better printer and i dont think it will cost an arm and a foot cos i see u still have so much works in the offering. how was India?

Jeremy 10:09 am  

the printing quality of the original Abidemi Sanusi books was a disaster never to be repeated. Don't worry, it will never happen again - some mistakes are so painful you have to learn them as quickly as possible!

Anonymous,  10:37 am  

Welcome back Jez. I hope the break did you good! In your few posts right from when you returned from Ghana till you left for India, you seemed very disillusioned (or "beat down"). Happy new year. Have fun, loads of fun and don't be too bogged down by Nigeria. Especially this year. Remember, "it's" not your fault.

Anonymous,  4:38 pm  

Welcome back! I've been stalking this page ever since. Hope you had a wonderful trip?

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