Saturday, January 20, 2007

One laptop per child

My laptop is emitting death rattle noises. It may be time to give it a good funeral. This got me thinking about the One Laptop Per Child initiative that the Nigerian govt in its infinite wisdom has adopted, and the Indian govt, in contrast, as turned its back on and farted. I was trying to work out why the esteemed Mr Negroponte of the even more esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology would have thought it a good idea. One person suggested, 'Well, he has to make some money.' I would have thought that he already earnt a good packet and probably lives in the nicest part of Cambridge/Boston. Another suggested, 'Its to ensure the youth are computer literate.' This sounds to me to be close to what must have been the original intention. But surely, there are better, more sustainable ways of ensuring widespread computer literacy in the developing world? In the Nigerian context, OLPC can only mean one thing: contracts and yahoo yahoo nefariousness. Who exactly will receive a laptop, and on the basis of exactly what criteria? We can rely on Dis Day and all the other forms of toilet paper not to ask this question.


Anonymous,  7:14 pm  

What is your beef with Dis Day?

Jangbalajugbu 8:16 am  

I am not exactly convinced the OLPC is a good idea for Nigeria. 1 million pieces will go for $100 million for Prof. N right? Enough money to put into capacity building.

I think its a culture that was passed down to us from 'those who have gone before us'. Show off whenever you can - we've got the oil, we've got the money. Pity for pity sake.

Anonymous,  9:45 pm  

did you say one laptop per child? No be person wey dey alive and well wey get roof over im head, desk and chair to siddon on top for classroom wey no dey leak with teacher wey actually teach dey think of laptop? Wetin im suppose take power de laptop, solar panel? I begi!

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