Friday, January 19, 2007


There was a funny pic in yesterday's Dis Day (by the way, there hasn't been a day in the past week when the owner of this drivelly rag has not appeared on at least two of the pages - the man seems to be milking the tragedy of one of his offices burning down) - a pastor was blessing a laptop made by a local computer manufacturer. There he was, hands on the cardboard box in the midst of a fervent prayer. I remembered another time, when holy water was needed, and a pastor simply took a bottle of Eva (a local table water brand) and 'anointed' it. One of the advantages of a DIY Christian culture like Nigeria (anyone, without any training, can become a pastor overnight and begin the dupery) is that objects can quickly become sacralised. I think we need to call someone in to anoint our Wimax equipment - perhaps then it won't keep breaking down..


lala 9:00 pm  

Ok, its official. You are crazy!!!! Think its time to set up shop as a pastor and do your own anointing?

Anonymous,  9:13 pm  

You think it's better to be trained and begin the "dupery" than not trained? I think you have it in for Christianity whatever the guise. Not that I don't agree with you though.

Akin 5:23 am  

Haba Jeremy,

Can I sense some veiled disdain at "Diss Day"?

Enterprising, resourceful and the ability to improvise are the qualifications you need in general, your reference book can be any of the religious tomes or ad lib word-jumbling, it does not have to be Christian.

Sharp suits, flowing gowns, long beards, lotus positions, funny hats are all props in "dupery" sophistication.

As for anointing your WiMax box, gosh! you've got WiMax, things are looking up - oil or water?

Anonymous,  5:54 am  

Jeremy- u are just too funny, simply hilarious. Have you noticed anything good about NIGERIA? :)

Yewie :)

culturalmiscellany 4:54 pm  

LMAO. You're spot on J. Do you think they could anoint the UK's train services too. It took me 3 hours to get back the other night.

Anonymous,  7:12 pm  

LMAO!! You are soo on point. I wonder why they've not anointed the planes that fly within Nigeria?!

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