Saturday, January 13, 2007

By the cemetry, Delhi

I spent some time sitting with this family outside a Christian cemetry near our hotel in Delhi on New Year's day. It was cold. The whole family sat close by the side of a busy road, as the mother rapidly strung flowers together for those visiting their dead (mostly Anglo-Indians were buried there, judging by the names). I crouched down, took some pictures, and then remained, absorbing as much as I could of what their life might be. Although I gave money
as I left, it was a profoundly moving moment. The life of a poor Delhi family, getting by by making prassad for the bereaved, as the cars whiz by, heedless.


Anonymous,  1:54 am  

Nice pics all!

Would you rather the passing motorists took their attention off the road to pay heed to this family?

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