Wednesday, January 24, 2007

African Path - a new multiblog

African Path is an excellent new multiblog, a growing bunch of provocative thoughtful bloggers from around the content. Check out this article by Dennis Matanda for starters, arguing for the re-colonisation of Africa.


everchange,  9:23 pm  

I actually agree with him about Africa needing institutions. Still he's nuts.

RJ 5:07 am  

It is indeed an interesting article but institutions alone aren’t going to solve our problems, but I do hope he was being sarcastic as to his other views. I think our biggest problem is that we are trying to emulate the ways of the west – we are undeniably people fascinated with everything that come with it. What we should do is find something, finding a system that works for us to let us grow. We don’t need democracy to tell us we have rights, we don’t need autocracy to say we don’t. I don’t know about the rest of Africa, but democracy sure as hell isn’t Nigeria’s solution.

Joshua 5:10 am  

I was actually quite shocked when I first saw the article. Thought I had read the title all wrong. But I guess I wasn't.

Anonymous,  7:44 am  

I kept thinking of "A Modest Proposal," while reading it. Do you think he was being serious?

Anonymous,  4:18 pm  

Matanda wields the language like a Chimp flings shit at passersby. He's out of his freaking mind.

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