Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My head is still in India

Part of me has yet to return. India was so inspiring, it is going to take the usual week or so to adjust to a different context. There's something about the collective appreciation for the life of the ascetic and the quest to jettison the ego in favour of transcendent realities that lingers, and contrasts so sharply with Nigeria, where materialism and ego are gloriously ascendant.. Plus, the harmattan has been cold and dusty the past few days, resulting in both Bibi and I falling sick (at some point when I'm no longer living here, I will almost inevitably associate Nigeria with illness). I can't be bothered to catch up on the news - not that there seems to be any here at the moment. Someone told me there's been a re-structuring of the Federal Ministries, does anyone know about this?


St Antonym 7:08 pm  

"contrasts so sharply with Nigeria, where materialism and ego are gloriously ascendant"

Ehen? That must be a different India from the one I know.

Sorry to hear you're sick--wish you a speedy recovery.

Anonymous,  11:28 pm  

indiablog: living and loving and laughing in india.
maybe you should move.

Bizzle 4:36 am  

Welcome back, Jeremy. Missed you a lot. Will have to find time to read your stories.

Anonymous,  5:08 am  

restructruing? nah they did it in private as usual ;-)

i heard fg workers are getting more pay from jan about 15%

Anonymous,  5:15 am  

welcome back, hope you get well soon and talk about nigeria
we know you enjoyed you hols and we should learn from them but to be honest nigerians generally wont think of learning fom india, we always like to think america this u.k that, we dont like to crawl,we just want to run...and buckle

Anonymous,  2:54 pm  

I mentioned in my last comment that you seemed disillusioned ...
I kind of see the and of a chapter coming on. Do you?
I'll still read your blog wherever you are loving,living or laughing at.

Jeremy 7:28 pm  

Almost anyone who lives in Nigeria and goes abroad for a few weeks comes back and gets depressed - its a natural process. What is clear to see is that India is at least a decade ahead of Nigeria in developmental terms. Accepting that Nigeria is at a much more basic level (in all senses of the word) always takes some re-attuning. We're staying here, for now!

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