Saturday, February 14, 2009

4 generations of Weates

An old photo, recently uncovered. Here I am, in my Dad's arms, with his great aunt and his dad.


Anonymous,  2:07 pm were a chubby baby. It's fascinating to see the generations. You look like your dad now, it seems.

Chxta 5:43 pm  

@ Anon, at least it proves that mummy didn't play with the landlord.

Olu,  6:39 pm  

Kai ! ...the early 70s i presume.
IS ur dad looking fly or what !
too bad my generation doesn't have a good excuse to sport real facial hair.

(big ups to awon baba and Iya)

Sugabelly 10:10 pm  

Awww!! You were the cutest baby ever!!!!!!!

Anonymous,  11:21 pm  

Chubby and cute!!! Gorgeous baby.
God bless you.

CodLiverOil 1:48 pm  

Les hommes dans votre famille sont grands. Avez vous que memoires gentiles de votre tante grande?

Kody 10:06 pm  

Your dad has a bionic right arm, obviously :-)

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