Monday, February 23, 2009

From the Museum of Islamic Arts, Doha

Apart from the majesty of the building itself (by I.M. Pei), my two favourite exhibits were the room full of astrolabes (see first post of images below) and the plate (image directly below), which is over 1,000 years old. The decentred arabic script has an enchanting rhythm and elegance. When we think of calligraphy, we often think of Japan, forgetting an alternative Qu'ranic lineage.

I have just bought this fab book on the House of Wisdom - if anyone out there is interested in reading up on the Baghdad University and its impact on the West over a thousand years ago.


James Gibbs,  5:22 pm  

In 1962, Mbari published a book of drawings by Ibrahim el Salahi, who has moved between calligraphy and drawing etc. Salahi has made a major contribution to Sudanese art, and also had an impact in Nigeria. where he exhibited at the Mbari Club and contributed to 'Black Orpheus'. JG

Lost at The End 9:42 pm  

Benin art did not escape the Islamic influences. During the exhibition in Chicago, I saw leopard aquaminiles thought to have come from the Islamic north. Aquamaniles are special ewers or jugs made in the form of animals.

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