Thursday, February 26, 2009

One Love

My friend Jalani gives the 12th annual Bob Marley lecture at the University of the West Indies here. Just imagine if Unilag started off an annual Fela Kuti lecture series...

Jalani's lecture begins around 29mins 30 seconds in.


Occupied Funk... 6:16 pm  

This is really good.

Anengiyefa 4:43 pm  

One wonders if in Nigeria Fela will ever achieve the status that Bob Marley achieved in Jamaica and the rest of the world. The influence of officialdom in Nigeria is overbearing and all-pervasive. And to say that Fela was extremely anti-establishment is an under-statement.

It is unlikely that Fela will attain the mythical legendary status in Nigerian folklore that is akin to Marley.

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