Sunday, February 01, 2009

I love Maureen Dowd

As I am sure many of you do. Her writing is a case study in concision and acerbic wit and the best reason to go to the New York Time's online regularly. Click here to read her latest slice of indignance.

What Dowd does for US politics, Jay Rayner does for food in London. Click here for a classic Rayner restaurant review and enjoy the eloquent bitchiness of it all.


Kody 8:08 pm  

Naaa, in my view A.A. Gill is King. Even after 3yrs away from the UK I don't think I've missed one review. Something tells me you will loathe him.

Keguro 6:42 am  


She's so very shrill and has become increasingly irrelevant--well, this is one kind of consensus. Still. She's marginally better than that hack Bill Kristol, who has been defending Bush and torture for the past many years, and continues still!

Fred 7:46 pm  

Of course you'd like Dowd, that unprincipled reprobate.

Anonymous,  4:39 pm  

Thank you Keguro. She is tiring, and bitter.. and - quite frankly - let's say it as it is; she's shallow.

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