Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toxic waste from the UK dumped in Nigeria

The Independent, Greenpeace and Sky News put a tracking device on a broken TV and followed its progress from Basingstoke to Tilbury docks to Alaba electronics market in Lagos, here.


Boosh 11:16 am  

Yeah, n for every tonne of toxic waste they dump here, they must be forced to grant 5 urchins who lived in the dumps Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK so they can be the NHS's problem when they get sick. They want us to stay here, be poor here when they were rich, be poor here now that they are poor, be poisoned here by their dumped toxic waste, but WHATEVER YOU DO, JUST STAY THE HECK OFF OUR ISLAND. Fat chance of that happening...

Chi-Chi 3:56 pm  

na wa o LOL

Mike,  6:44 pm  

Boosh, of course you are right - only Britain should be punished - afterall the Nigerian Customs (and presumably traders) are completely blameless...

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