Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miss Virginity Nigeria

Did you see this story? Its hard to imagine any such event reaching a climax, but apparently the second paragraph informs us it did. Dr Ekemode should be congratulated for his steadfast work in confirming all 43 girls as virgins the day before. A is for abstinence!


joicee 11:18 am  

my goodnesss...I could't make this ish up , no matter how hard I tried...Wow

UndaCovaSista 11:30 am  

I like the way you said (or rather, wrote) the word 'climax' with no apparent irony!

Waffarian 12:13 pm  

Me, I am waiting for "Mr Virginity" contest...hopefully the good doctor will be able to "certify" that they have not been "de-flowered".

Na there I go go find my future husband self, cos me, i wan make my family respect am and my future children join.

ijebuman 1:20 pm  

from the News report:
Ambassador Segun Olusola praised the girls for keeping themselves chaste...He urged all of them to feel free to come to him for assistance at any time.

what sort of assistance would he be referring to?? LOL

Anonymous,  2:04 pm  

The post and comments so apt this valentines.

Anonymous,  2:26 pm  

It's really hard to imagine such an event reaching a climax, lol.

"when the event got to a climax, reverence gave way to excitement as 23 year-old Miss Titilayo Amudat Odekeye was announced as Miss Virginity 2009.

Wow...excitement indeed. 'A' is for abstinence!

nneoma 8:09 pm  

three comments....
1. i agree with waffarian....i look forward to a mr. virginity contest
2. from the one pic i saw, these people are not giving virginity a good look (compare them to other naija beauty contests....the pic makes it seem as if virginity is a handicap)
3. we still do virginity testing? when will the abuse end...

Sugabelly 10:27 pm  

The amusing thing is

This contest should be retitled


Ms. Catwalq 2:33 am  

I can't even think. This is the kind of concept that shows a reduced IQ and a thought process of ignorance...

nneoma 1:31 am  

lol @Sugabelly

nneoma 1:32 am  

and lolololol@ijebuman (sorry for the many comments)

F,  11:42 pm  

The intention was good. I give kudos for that. But the medium left little to be desired. Well, to me, anyway. The idea of beauty queen doesn't seem the least bit virginal.

Anonymous,  3:52 pm  

seemingly, the organisers still don't believe everybody who professes to be pure, witness their cynical take on catholic celibacy: "When asked whether there is any religious restriction, he said the programme is open to all races including the daughter of a Pope".

Anonymous,  1:55 pm  

lmaooo sugabelly

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