Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vlisco fashion event coming up in Lagos (click to enlarge)

Attendance strictly by invitation.


Rashida,  11:21 pm  

so what exactly is the point of advertising if they only want a select few to attend!!! HISSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Anonymous,  8:29 pm  

indeed, what is the point of advertising? I just don't get it Nigeria where events are strictly IV only and they advertise. what's the point? Is it to remind the invited about the event or what?

DunDun 9:26 am  

Well how else will people know that you are having a totally fabu event if you don't advertise that its iv only and because u r not fabu enough, you can't get in

Anonymous,  5:56 pm  

doesn't make sense why waste resources when you already have your list of those attending, if your event is fab , you are fab and you have invited the fab peeps what then are you trying to prove?

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