Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nigerian fraudsters hack Jack Straw's email account

The Minister of Justice, Jack Straw, is 419'ed, here. Fortunately for him, it didn't involve his dollar being chopped.


Naijalines 11:50 am  

I'm not surprised. Naijas are capable of anything. No system is hackproof to them. Don't you wish they would use their intelligence constructively?

Such a waste.

SECRET DIARY 5:00 pm  

Shame. His dollar should have been chopped. Naija are not the only ones scamming the planet. Bernie Madoff's $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme? Bernie Madoff is Jewish, but the whole Jewish nation is not getting blamed for his fraud. Thank God for that. Had he been a Nigerian, the whole black race, including Barack Hussein Obama would have been blacklisted for life. Brits are at it as well, big time. Stolen money by Nigerian government official are in this damn country called United Kingdom. They all keep quiet because it is to their advantage. I do not give a damn about Jack Stew (!) or anyone of them being scammed. I can't stand amateurs and incomplete jobs! The whole British press gave coverage to the Jack Straw story. How many of them ever given coverage to the many billions of Pounds stolen from Nigeria by their ancestors, hopeless Nigerian leaders with no integrity that ought to be eating cold tinned beans in jail, for a long, l-o-n-g time?

Occupied Funk... 6:22 pm  

This is very funny. I wonder whether dora akiyuli has seen this. A fraudster is a fraudster. I don't know about the heading of this post. Like the Judges in America who received kickback. Fraudster. Like the corrupt british politicians. Fraudsters. I think the British press must have so much love for Nigerian and its people...

SECRET DIARY 9:10 pm  

Here's a YouTube video about how the British Banks and British government helped looters and politicians [by turning a blind eye] to wreck Nigerian economy

UK economy and banks benefitted and STILL from stolen money from Nigerian.

Anengiyefa 10:54 pm  

@Secret Diary, cold tinned beans? That'll be a delicacy for those in Nigerian prisons. :)

dapxin 1:58 am  

such a lame headline. such a lame country. such a lame people.

Where is the proof that this is a Nigerian-person/Nigeria based hack?

To the extent that they - the brits help perpetuate the fraud Nigeria was, from starts, I dont care really.

And you gotta love the apparent ignorance of the brit press - saying cos it was hotmail, it was more hackable. n00bs. Anything, any single piece of information on the internet is as secure as the cable plugging it on.

RocNaija 11:35 am  

Well said Secret Diary.. I rest my case your honour.

419 Hater 1:47 pm  

As a westerner living in the UK, let me give you an outsider’s take on this this story and on the comments left here.

The people of Nigeria should, and could be, enjoying the fruits of the oil wealth and economic growth of their country. The economy of Nigeria is one of the fastest growing in the world with the International Monetary Fund recording a growth of 9% in 2008 and projecting 8.3% in 2009. And yet the images of Nigeria that we see of our televisions and newspapers is of a retched and failed country populated by people suffering abject poverty and an economy suffering from arrested development due to a long history of corrupt military regimes.

Nigeria is a major oil producer but too much of the wealth created is diverted in corruption and bribery, which seems endemic in this failed nation. It is not only the politicians who share the guilt. Every day our email inboxes are stuffed with your pathetic 419 scams, ranging from the trunk box full of money scam to next of kin scams, fake lottery wins, fake charity scams, the black money wash-wash scam and non existent job scams. When we take the trouble to check the origin of these emails, they invariably come from Nigeria with most of the remainder coming from one of the West African countries.

What sort of image do you think this gives us of your country? Is it somewhere we would choose to do business or invest in business projects? The sooner you teach your young people that 419 scamming is not the way to achieve success and change your attitude to those that do, then the sooner you will start to change the world’s view of you as a nation.

Some of the commentators here trot out the tired old excuse of 'those westerners stole money from Nigeria back in history', but conveniently forget to mention that the West, including the UK, have, and are still pouring billions of dollars in overseas aid into Africa every year. Much of this is immediately grabbed by greedy African politicians who care nothing of the poverty and suffering of the people they are supposed to represent.

Let me also say that I know that we in the west also have more than our fair share of crime and corruption and I know that back in history, the African continent and its people were shamelessly exploited. Also I know that the huge majority of Nigerians are decent, law abiding and hard working people who deserve better. But the impression we get is of a country built on a culture of corruption. You cannot continue to justify today’s failings by yesterday’s injustices. Start to show pride in your nation and belief in your people and work together, at a local level, to stamp out 419 crime

Anengiyefa 2:06 pm  

@419 Hater, you have made some good points. While I am by no means seeking to justify 419 crime, it is wrong for anyone to insinuate, as you seem to have done, that all Nigerians are in some way vicariously culpable. I see that you feel strongly enough about this even to set up a separate Blogger ID. However, have no doubt that the majority of Nigerians are just as angry about 419 crime as you are. Many of us too regularly receive scam emails in our inboxes.

419 crime is not the reason for Nigeria's 'failure' as you put it. On the contrary, these crimes have developed as a result of the country's political and economic difficulties, with the consequent negative consequences on a large proportion of the population. It is not surprising the impression of Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa that people in the West have, given the image that is relentlessly portrayed by the Western media.
Nigeria has very stringent laws against 419 and all similar crimes. And contrary to what you obviously think, 419 scammers are in fact scorned by mainstream society.

It is the case that UK financial institutions have benefitted immensely from money looted from developing countries all over the world. And it is true that many UK citizens are involved in child sex in Asia. But nobody paints the whole of the UK population as rougues who gladly receive stolen property, or as paedophiles! That there is a culture of corruption in Nigeria is not disputed, but Nigerians too are aware of this and do not need a Briton to tell them on what to do! Nigeria is already working towards eradicating corruption and it is only a matter of time before this culture is wiped out.

Of course in Britain the only images of Nigeria you would see on your tv screen are images of poverty. Therefore its easy for you to conclude that every Nigerian lives in those conditions. The West has profited from constantly putting Africa down and that is why you still think that we should contnue to receive "billions of dollars in overseas aid". Nigeria does not want to be a recipient of foreign aid. Rather, Nigeria wants to be treated as an equal trade partner. People in the West need to understand that they are not going to have it all their way for much longer. The world is changing fast and its about time people in the West smelt the coffee, especially in Britain where I live!

Anonymous,  10:37 pm  

You refused to Print my comment of the IP Address that access Jack Straw account.WHY

Anonymous,  8:39 am  

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419 Hater 12:40 am  

@ Anengiyefa. Thank you for your response. It was good to read such a well presented and thoughtful reply. I hope my comments were not read as an attack on all people from Nigeria and I certainly did not intend that. Hopefully my final paragraph balanced some of what I said.

My intention was to explain the subjective impression that many of us in the West have of Nigeria which, even if distorted, is then corroborated by the tidal flow of 419 emails we receive daily. Also I felt that some of the previous comments here typify the usual responses to stories of 419 cases reported on Nigerian based news websites. Too often these responses seem to support and justify the scammers using the warped logic of the West stole money from Nigeria back in history or by pointing to some high profile corporate fraud case in the UK or the USA. None of these are excuses for 419 fraud. The victims of these crimes, some of whom have lost their whole life savings, have nothing to do with corporate fraud or historical exploitation and their only guilt was to be too trusting of their new-found friend on the internet.

If the majority of Nigerians share my repulsion of 419 crime, then why do we so rarely see that response manifest itself in blogs on Nigerian based news websites. We can, and do, read these blogs and the responses, which go unchallenged, only reinforce our negative impressions, whether or not such impressions are deserved. A good example of the damage inflicted on Nigeria is the comments of The Nigerian high commissioner, Olu Agbi, when he said that the victims of Nigerian 419 scams are just as guilty as the fraudsters and should be jailed.

That story reverberated around the world and added fuel to the impression that many Nigerians either do not care about 419 crime, or actively support it, because we in the West deserve it.

I accept your point about paedophiles and banks in the UK but the important difference is that we don’t go on blogs and support these criminals and our politicians don’t advocate jailing the victims.

However, I do appreciate your reply and you have given me a new perspective to think about.

Anonymous,  2:54 pm  

You ask if nigerians are "vicariously" responsible for the problems of their own country.

Of course you are. I would go on to say you're DIRECTLY responsible for the problems of your country, because you tolerate corrupt politicians, a failed police force, and a system that views government oil and aid revenue as somethnig to be "chopped" and brought home to share, rather than public funds to be spent to improve the nations common wealth.

To all those idiots who use Madoff top point the finger and justify the corruption in their own contry there is one massive difference between madoff and corrupt politicians in Nigeria. What is it? Madoff is GOING TO JAIL. unlike any of the corrupt politicians who have raped your country unfettered by you and your country people.

About nigerias poor reputation. I think its like my country, the UK, and its reputation for football holiganism in the 1980s and 1990s. Stop protesting at the bad deal you get from the rest of the world and do something about it.

Don't tolerate your kinsmen in government chopping.

don't tolerate poor police force

get out in the street,

grow better, more idealistic young leaders.

stop cheating at school

Anonymous,  7:24 pm  

@ 419 Hater:
I understand your evident frustration with scams which originate in Nigeria, but your email suffers from a generalization which is all too often committed by members of the dominant (mainstream) culture.
It is this same generalization which leads a chauvinistic male to mutter "Damn female drivers" when he is cut off by a woman on the freeway but say "Damn drivers" when he is cut off by a male driver.
The beauty of the internet is that a relatively small group of people have to ability to send out a flood of scam emails.
Saying that these actions give outsiders an image of "Nigeria as a haven of fraudsters" is about as fair as KKK members giving outsiders an image of the U.S as a haven for cross-burning hood-wearing racists.

Your statement about billions of dollars of aid pouring into the African continent is true (although due to her oil revenue, Nigeria doesn't really need or receive much aid from the "West") but it fails to take into account the definition of aid.
Why should several hundred million dollars of highly subsidized grain from America's midwest count as "aid" yet trillions of dollars in borrowed money from US T-bills sold to China, Japan and the Middle East which keeps most "Western" countries economies afloat is not seen as "aid"! The US budget deficit for 09 is calculated to be approaching $1.7 trillion (with a T!!)
If an African nation is run with a substantial budget deficit, the nation is seen as a basket case, yet "Western" nations are the only countries that run substantial budget deficits indefinitely. This is due to global economic institutions which were put in place by the allies after WW2 (ie the $ as a global reserve currency etc) and despite several attempts by other countries to break this hegemony (ie OPEC), this hierarchy remains largely intact.

Additionally, in an intriguing case of racism, scams perpetuated by Nigerian 419ers are over-covered by the Western media. Take a look at the junk folder of your email inbox. You will see emails from people promising to give you "$25,000 from the US bailout for nothing!!", to "Get a $500,000 mortgage loan for under $500 a month", majority of which are scams originating from within the US here but nobody ever reports on these.
Instead, the media covers scam stories from Nigeria with the evident but unspoken storyline: "Oooh, look!! These Africans are smarter than we thought they were! They are scamming us out of our hard-earned money despite the fact that we have perfectly altruistic intentions and only want to help them (If only they would help themselves!!)" Its almost the "White Man's Burden v2.0"

Finally, I will not deny that Nigeria has serious challenges facing its development (corruption, lack of infrastructure etc) which create an adverse impression to outsiders. Similarly outsiders who make rants about the state of Nigeria and Africa as a whole give the impression to Africans that the West is full of pretentious, hypocrites.

Anonymous,  8:23 pm  

@419 Hater:
My previous entry was unfortunately a typical reaction to your first post. I think an apology is appropriate here.
Nevertheless, Nigerians should feel about as guilty for 419ers and scammers as Americans should feel guilty about Bernie Madoff and his kind. In fact considering all the "adventurism" (financial derivatives, wanton spending) that occurred in the financial markets and its exponentially higher impact on the global financial markets, I think they should feel more guilty.
But, as all humans do (including what I am doing right now), we tend to point out the flaws in other systems, and downplay the flaws in ours.
Ultimately, what every African really wants is equality. Actually, thats what everybody wants!!!

Yadi Ikechukwu 9:40 pm  

anybody sabi that person wey post facebook hacking stuff? Abeg commot that post. There is something called "scam baiting" check it on Google you will understand...

Keep the good work up.

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