Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What happens when the lingerie drops to the floor...

Interesting article measuring the decline in purchasing power of the new middle class in Nigeria in terms of thongs-per-square-foot, here.


Anonymous,  1:48 pm  

Interesting. I don't think these businesses will collapse. Nigeria has too much of a 'show' culture. They'll struggle but if analysts are to be believed, the global economy will pick or at least start picking up next year. In the meantime, everyone just has to ride the storm. Besides Nigerians are most flexible...

Oladapo Ogundipe 1:54 pm  
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Anonymous,  3:06 pm  

irritating last line in this FT write champagne the drink of the middle class? or did writer mean to write about the upper class? or in nigeria is the middle class and the elite one and the same? (or am i just afraid of the future and what it portends...gen gen...)

Anonymous,  8:17 pm  

Anonymous (for the first time today and you know who it is)

What happens: Fireworks!

Boosh 10:59 am  

I have noticed a growing bad-bellus" trend among British journos in tha past months. Not satisfied with gloating about economic immigrants running to Britain from poor African countries (AND encouraging the government to rush them back to suffer in their 3rd world poverty), when their economies were booming, are now wishing the same poor countries who did not enjoy the boom would suffer the bust with the FIRST world. BUT if there is any justice in the world, this current crisis will be restricted to Europe and the US where they were plotted and midwifed. Nigerians grew their economy by themelves with their own sweat and their own kobo-kobo so we will thrive when they fail! Amen!

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