Sunday, April 18, 2010

Afghan coke can...

Afghan coke can..., originally uploaded by nobodaddy69.

Remember ring pull cans? That's how they still are in Afghanistan..


Myne Whitman 6:45 pm  

Aren't cans like this all over? Or am I living in Afghanistan?

Anonymous,  10:45 pm  

Actually it's not as uncommon as one might think. You can usually find pull-up cans at Mediterranean/Asian owned newsagents and restaurants around London.

Anonymous,  9:57 am  

I agree with Myne. I lived most of my life in Sweden, and some years in Nigeria and South Africa, and I do not understand this at all?!

Sholly,  3:37 pm  

Maybe Naijablog doesn't consume can drinks. Coke cans are still more often than not like this in Nigeria.

Anonymous,  11:30 am  

Ring pull cans, ring pull IEDs.

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