Saturday, April 03, 2010

EIE disowns Charly Boy - forwarded Press Release

"It has come to the notice of ENOUGHISENOUGH Nigeria that Mr. Charles Oputa, popularly known as Charly Boy, on Thursday April 1, led a group of young persons under the aegis of ‘Alliance for Defence of Democracy’ to the premises of the National Assembly on to clamour for the reappointment of INEC Chairman, Maurice Iwu, for a second term.

ENOUGHISENOUGH Nigeria wishes to categorically dissociate itself from this group, who disingenuously sought – through their slogans – to identify themselves with the ENOUGHISENOUGH Nigeria platform. While we recognise the right of any person or group of persons to hold on to any beliefs they wish to, and to associate with any public figure as they deem fit, we wish to particularly express our concerns because, only a few weeks ago, on March 16, Charly Boy had publicly identified with ENOUGHISENOUGH Nigeria in our march to the National Assembly premises to register our displeasure with the status quo in our country.
It might be important to make clear that Mr. Oputa is not one of the organisers of the ENOUGHISENOUGH coalition, he is not one of its leaders, and only joined the protest on the day in question midstream, after apparently hearing about it.

Whilst we welcome any person or group that identifies with our vision, we are shocked and deem it distasteful that Charly Boy, after identifying with us of his own volition, would make a U-turn to support a man whom international and national observers have pointed to as bearing a large share of responsibility for the sorry state of our electoral process, and by extension our democracy.

Following this action by Charly Boy, we hereby use this opportunity to put the general public on notice: We will not hesitate to name and shame all persons or groups of persons who think that they can identify publicly with our message (which we have gone to great lengths to make clear) without actually believing in it, no matter how close they are to this coalition.
Nigeria is the way it is today largely because it is run by men and women who have power but no principles; persons for whom publicity is far more important than real passion. Now, we realise that there are many out there whose consciences and convictions are available to be purchased by the highest bidders, and we know there is nothing that ENOUGHISENOUGHNIGERIA can do to change those people.

But we ask all such persons to steer clear of the ENOUGHISENOUGH Nigeria platform, and to pursue their ignoble objectives completely independent of us.

We are not a political organisation. We are an impartial, independent platform that is not aligned or in support of any individual, and we will guard this integrity and objectivity jealously. We are also not one of the usual crop of Nigerians who engage in activism so that they can position themselves for political position or to be “settled”.

We cannot be bought. We reiterate that we are a group of young people determined that our country must change for the better and we are committed to a chain of activities to ensure that in 2011, young people vote for leaders that can change this country and that young people also protect their votes. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of politics and activism without principle. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

For more information about those behind this coalition and what our vision and mission is, please visit"


2cute4u 8:58 pm  

This intersting..But why would he do that?Not cool.

mystery,  10:41 pm  

The movement of a snake is never on a straight line. The question is who will teach the Nigerian Youth to decipher strange strange voices?

MsMak,  10:50 pm  

Good on them for being concerned enough about their integrity to put a statement out.

Hopefully they'll put out one out on Dele "Ovation" Momodu soon...

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