Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ellah Allfrey on being a Caine Prize judge

"But how can one prize possibly claim to assess the literary output of a continent of over 991 million people and its diaspora? Is there any such thing as an "African writer"? Does the very existence of the prize encourage a continued inclination to ghettoisation of these writers and their work? Surely we've come far enough that Africans no longer need (if they ever have) the special consideration this categorisation implies?"



Brick,  12:09 am  

Oh please, shush! "is there any such thing as an African writer? My questions is: are you not tired of asking that question? God! when will African literary discourse find something genuinely new to talk about?

Nii 9:56 am  

Interesting thoughts, one that perhaps needs to be discussed. It would be good to know what the african "heavy weight" writers like Soyinka think about this.

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