Thursday, April 08, 2010

With the beekeepers

bees, originally uploaded by nobodaddy69.

I had a wonderful day near Zaria today with Idris, President of the Bee Keepers Association of Nigeria. We collected honey from a hive, searched for the Queen bee (but didn't find). I only got stung once. According to Idris, its very good for the health to get stung once a day. This evening, I heard of a friend's friend (a Nigeria) who specialises in bee sting therapy...


Baba,  3:50 pm  

Jeremy the Giant!

JG 7:43 pm  

For more on Jeremy's contact, a remarkable man a k a Alhaji Idris Bee, visit

Alhaji also has contacts with the UK NGO Bees Abroad. Visit their site.

Fact for the day: Bees are used by farmers in Kenya to protect crops from elephants. This has led to the observation that when bees sting, elephants turn tail. Hmmmm Any lessons there for those worried about political elephants? JG

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