Sunday, April 04, 2010

The return of Ribadu..

The return of Nuhu Ribadu, along with ministerial appointments for Segun Aganga and Sanusi Daggash give the new administration some genuine firepower. The EFCC will surely start to wax again as the Presidency reclaims full ownership of the organisation. The struggle against corruption will never be easy, but begins by having a few good people in the right places. Corruption thrives where there is a general atmosphere of incompetence and low barriers to co-option. The bar has just been set a little higher.


Anonymous,  12:11 pm  

Firepower!!! what? a Hedge Fund MD from Goldman Sachs, Daggash (LOL!!!) and selective Crook Catcher = firepower, erm...please.
Firepower for how many months before the election? Goodluck, i'm taking my money out, sharp, sharp....Naijanomics no dey work o!

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