Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Africans for Obama trouble..

A row in the local papers has been sizzling in the past few days since a lavish Africans-for-Obama event recently in Lagos led by the Chair of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. The BBC takes up the story here.

The question is, what are they going to do with the profit from the 420 thousand pounds they raised? Obama's people have said they would not accept any money - it would be illegal for them to accept donations from campaign groups outside the US.


simeoneomobaba 7:42 pm  

i heard the gist on the news this evening o...i wonder when we are going to grow that woman looked clean is putting some smear on her name..420,000 mama charlie is a good amount for me to....

Anonymous,  8:43 pm  

Clean ke? That woman has got to be the most corrupt, stupid, vulgar, unintelligent buffoon there ever was! A perfect example of the morons we have in high places. Clean my left toe! Can you imagine her saying she organised the event to mobilise africans living in the uk? These people just insult us anyhow! I've always felt her departure at the stock exchange is long overdue and hopefully, this will expedite it! Fucking stupid bitch that she is!

Anonymous,  9:05 pm  

i just read the article. I can't believe this woman!!!! She thinks people are querying the fact that she obviously abused her position in raising N100m to 'urge Nigerians who live in Nigeria to tell their relatives who live in America to vote for obama' BECAUSE THEY ARE JEALOUS OF HER???? Have we no shame?? No decency???

I don't blame her entirely. I blame the shallow minded idiots who probably succumbed to blackmail and paid such amounts to attend this year's biggest show of shame.

Dami 9:54 pm  

(Local media had reported the event raised more than $840,000 (£420,000), but Mrs Okereke-Onyiuke said the group's accountant had not finished counting the proceeds yet.)

ahhhhha ha, madam too much money o!

Seyi,  10:18 pm  

She has a chance to redeem herself. Use the funds to encourage young people in Nigeria to get into politics (somewhat related) or sponsor political science students or something. I hope she uses her brains.

One would have expected that if the money was being raised for Obama's campaign, they would have familiarised themselves with the donations process. Oversabi woman!

Anyway, how exactly are they going to use it to encourage people to tell their family in the US to vote Obama? HAVE WE GONE COMPLETELY MAD? If you give people money directly, isn't it coercion and bribery? What is wrong with us? Poor people are dying...arrrrggggghhhhhhhh! Let me stop.

Mr C 11:12 pm  

I am still trying to marry how Obama getting elected will affect real issues we face like the Niger delta crisis or the epileptic power situation.
Lets face it; we live in a Banana republic. I don tire.

Anonymous,  5:49 am  

Does this woman have poor relatives in Naija, with her connections alone she could have hosted a fundraiser for orphans and street kids. SMH.

Anonymous,  8:15 am  

they should use the money to do something positive - fix our roads, give us electricity, provide jobs, give us security, send children to school, develop our hospitals, improve our universities, give loans to people to start up businesses... the list is unbelievably endless...

why do we have dummies in high positions eh?

Lost at the Other End of the World 8:19 am  

It has not occurred to jokers that their support is unwarranted and probably more of a problem than a blessing for the poor guy? It is difficult enough for him being black, do they want him to carry the additional burden of a far more problematic identity: that of an African?

Anonymous,  8:34 am  

Today's ThisDay n Guardian newspapers report that the EFCC detained her last night for questioning.

anonymaus,  11:05 am  

This whole idea of raising money for what is in essence an informal process, of urging a friend or relative in the US (assuming they are there legally) to vote is flimsy to say the least.

Mr Iroche and Mr Falana got it right, cancel the whole thing and return the money.

What is this enthusiastic support for Mr Obama based on, is it merely because he's black (sorry of mixed heritage)? Suppose his idealogical stand-point differs significantly from theirs? This question their thought processes!

Does anyone in another country who is not a citizen (for that matter), have a right to tell someone else how to vote? That sounds rather undemocratic to me. The more you look at it, the more questionable the whole exercise was/is. Besides Mr Obama is not short of funds, that is well publicised, so what was the money for?

The real tragedy of this is that there are so many needy people there and their needs for the most part are ignored.

Anengiyefa 11:25 am  

"am still trying to marry how Obama getting elected will affect real issues we face like the Niger delta crisis or the epileptic power situation..."

mr c totally gets it. Banana republic indeed! We are very adept at fooling ourselves. How much more ridiculous can we get?

Anonymous,  11:28 am  

That thisday article is just another example of the usual naija trash journalism. Nothing we haven't heard before, just bits and pieces of previous articles patched together.

Kody 1:43 pm  

I have reached the stage where i am starting to lose all hope for our country... really don't know what to say anymore. Am on a real downer about Nigeria.

It was easy to make excuses when making comparisons with developed countries, but now i have finally started traveling to other African countries, one notices even more now how fxxxed up this country really is.

We can't seem to get anything right; things don't work, the attitude of our leaders stink, no one gives a toss about anyone else - unless they have something to gain. Everyone wants to fleece everyone else for money.

Yes, i know i am generalising and not all of us are two bit thieves but sometimes that is what it feels like.

Am sorry but pessimism has taken control of me!

MsMak,  2:24 pm  

The names of every single one of those donors should be made public.

And Okereke-Onyuike should have been removed a very long time ago; afterall being the Sec Gen of the SEC is not her birthright. Her conflict-of-interest involvement with Transcorp, and her fund-raising efforts for OBJ's failed third term bid were the last straws for me.

Jealousy my foot...

Sandrine 5:26 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

Obama would be a change for the US.I agree with most of his positions and when I saw him in Miami, he seemed to be the most sincere of the democrats candidates.If I could vote, I would definitely vote for him.I would not encourage people to vote for him unless they believe in what he stands for and I would never vote for somebody on base of their color or heritage.However if he was elected, it would mean a lot for my family.First I would be happy because he represents my ideas.Secondly I would be happy because my children are mixed and seeing somebody like them in power would mean a lot.I agree that it is not the most important but it would open doors to others.The US is not made of only whites and it is time it shows.I don't know if it would make a difference for African countries and I understand why some people would be upset about the money used to influence the vote for a foreign candidate.


Jaycee 5:37 pm  

420,000 pounds...pls do they still have the money? Let them use it to clean up the villages in the Niger Delta that have had to deal with gas flaring and oil leakages...


Jaycee 5:45 pm  

By the last anonymous, "Does anyone in another country who is not a citizen (for that matter), have a right to tell someone else how to vote? That sounds rather undemocratic to me."

Maybe they are trying to SUPERIMPOSE their "FAKE" democracy (albeit "militant" democracy) on the Western world...nonsense and ingredients!

Anonymous,  6:07 pm  


Why is the EFCC getting involved? Does her questioning relate to other events or is it the Obama issue that brought it up?

Anonymous,  6:17 pm  

i'd like to see the list of donors!
i bet that's where you'll find the real story...

Okereke-Onyiuke,  7:12 pm  

Hello Naijablog,

I have been following your posts for quite sometime. I asked my PA to make contact with you some months back but he was unable to get to you. Your readers are clearly very jealous of my success. Yes! And I know am very sexy. Or don't you think?


Jobs in Nigeria 9:49 pm  

The news is everywhere....
why was she trying to raise such an amount? did Obama ask her for some money, to me this unbelieveble....

well i hope all gets cleared up on time....

Anonymous,  12:21 am  

funny thing.. then NGOs talk sbout how hard it is to raise money for development.

Anonymous,  6:24 am  

All this politicians and their collaborators need to be flogged. what concerns ordinary Nigerians with Obama becoming sure that womans LGA doesnt have a good road....Forget that Obama is being nominated that is a camoflague because some ppl are scared of terrorist...America is still a good old boy

anonymaus,  8:34 am  

Jaycee, this is anonymAUS, not anonymous who you keep referring to. Yeah, I'm the one who questioned the whole legitimacy of this escapade. Once again, we agree (what star sign are you? I'm only joking, I don't take star signs seriously, no need to respond). Thank you for your note of reason.

Kody, I agree with your post. I feel that way too, (but somehow I hold out some hope for Nigeria, I can't quite put my finger on it). I don't want to go into that now, as it's off the topic. Maybe if Jeremy wanted to throw that open to the gallery sometime in the future, I might talk more about it.

Sandrine, Mr C , lost ... and Anengiyefa, you all consistently come up with good points, respect to you all.

Aspiring nigerian woman 12:00 pm  


I don't know what to say about this saga. The woman is a RAT... nothing more nothing less.
With all the suffering in Nigeria, she is worried about Obama and the U.S... the richest country in the world being funded by one of the most disappointing and poorest country in the world!

Kody 1:45 pm  

Is there any way we can insist that the list of 'donors' be made public?

I want to line them all up and WHIP them. The money they gave away so freely, to a cause so fraudulent, serves no purpose at all except to line people's already slippery pockets.

Give me that money and i will spend none of it on myself, but work with like minded people to put it to good use, to benefit my countrymen.

Anonymous,  2:53 pm  

(wish blog commenter (ndi okereke-onyuike?) had been able to add Rod Stewarts "If you think im sexy "in the background . that or "I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred...think i am going to frame this one.

Hello Naijablog,

I have been following your posts for quite sometime. I asked my PA to make contact with you some months back but he was unable to get to you. Your readers are clearly very jealous of my success. Yes! And I know am very sexy. Or don't you think?



Air beneath my feet 12:11 am  

no problem...she resigns. how to resign with dignity from?

Adekunle Shobowale 11:42 am  

Somebody please check out this woman's tax records? Criminal..That's all i can say.

Meanwhile, Journalists in Nigeria should be flogged.How can anybody read those papers?

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