Friday, August 29, 2008

Excellent blog on Nigerian military history

Max Siollun's blog is brilliant - the man is an expert on Nigerian military history. Here.


Anonymous,  2:07 am  

naijablog, welcome to the wonder that is max. We on cyberEagles have been enjoying this guy's knowledge for a while now. He is truly remarkable...

anonymaus,  4:24 am  

I didn't read the whole blog, because I'm not particularly interested in the Nigerian military. They have been undermined in my eyes by corruption, though as an institution they are amongst the better ones to exist in that nation.

The piece on Ibori and his wife in London, all I can say is. "Is there no probity into the history of candidates standing for election?" Are there no standards? How did he get elected to the post of state governor. Were there no better candidates?

The people of Delta state (and Nigeria in general) have no cause to complain, when they elect political representatives who are not worthy of the post. They have no business whinging to the outside world about corruption and good governance, when they can't check self-inflicted wrong doing.

Kody 4:37 am  

Where is security camera footage when you need it? I could have done with a good laugh this morning seeing the Iboris nicking a self assembly wardrobe (surely)...

MsMak,  3:10 pm  

I stumbled upon Dr. Nowa Omoigui's (aka Max Siollun) essays several years ago, and i have been a big fan ever since. I love reading about Military History, esp Naija's, so i saved them all. You can read his essays on all the coups on

He does us all a service by trying to preserve historical information and research on the Nigerian Military, especially when many of these retired generals (Babangida, Danjuma et al) are still trying to 'rewrite History).

Jeremy, maybe you can talk to him about a publishing deal; i hear he's working on a book...

Anonymous,  5:31 pm  

The man is not Nowa. By the way, I am not interested in military history generally but my opinion is that the supposed military history in Nigeria is mostly a bunch of fables.

Kody 8:06 pm  

I have been reading his (Nowa Omoigui) site for a few years since a friend seen a link about the Biafran War, a subject that has become a bit of an obsession of mine.

Anon 5.31 is right, he and Max are not one and the same.

Max Siollun 4:20 pm  

Thanks for linking to my blog Jeremy. Thanks also for all the positive comments. I truly appreciate them. Just a couple of points:

1) Yes I am currently working on a book.

2) I am NOT Nowa Omoigui. He has his niche and website, I have mine.

Warmest regards

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