Friday, August 01, 2008

Rape and Beg

Really good article on the rape and beg phenomenon, here.


onydchic 7:24 pm  

Chop em off, I say!

If they cant control it, they dont deserve it! :)

Anonymous,  8:14 pm  

Fantastic! I'm not surprised that some Nigerian families allow rapists to get away with it, especially those from the elite ruling class, its the same warped logic that allows theft by politicians and civil servants. I say cut it any case that's what a bible basher would recommend, its the offending item, so off with it! From a sane Nigerian male..

Sandrine 8:34 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

It make me really upset to know that someone would dare come to a woman's house whose daughter was raped and beg her not to go to court.Shame on this person.Good for Kyomugisha to have done what she did.People who commit rapes, are likely to do it again.


Anonymous,  9:34 pm  

Rape and beg. in Nigeria, you can substitute any crime, and follow it with the words "and beg". We rejected all communication/coersion attempts from our STEAL and Beg houseboy. What really infuriated me when we finally caught him stealing, was that he knew in his heart of hearts, that he would cry and beg, look at us with soulful eyes, send his Begging Committee from far and wide, -we'd get angry, forgive him then fire him as is the standard operating procedure in Nigeria. Business as usual. Especially, perhaps, as he confessed immediately, and gave us a long list of what he had bought with the money.
I will admit that we considered letting him go- he was young, had a young wife (who benefitted enormously from his thieving btw), a young child-, but then we realised that if we let him go, we'd be sending the incredible message to the rest of our staff (at work, as well as household) that money holds no value to us, and well, bring on the rest of the thieves.Partly as a deterrent, and partly to punish him, we took action. Ironically, even the police expected us to give him a slap on the wrist and let him go.
Rabiu is chilling in the cooler somewhere. Not Sopranos style- we didnt kill him,We charged him to court and the judge gave him time. He's in jail, and will be out in 3 months.
Oh,and just as a footnote - we never recovered the invaluable heirloom watch that belonged to my late father which he admitted taking, but "couldnt remember where he'd sold it" .

Waffarian 10:01 pm  

Yep. Thats right. If the penis is used as a weapon, then it should be treated as one. As for the "and beg" syndrome in that country, it is used for everything. Everybody should forget justice and the rights of the victim once "God" and "the work of the devil" is invoked. Pure bullshit.

Anonymous,  4:27 am  

Poectic Justice

Anonymous,  10:51 am  

I think more women should take this action and lets see how many men will continue to rape. Men rape because they know often times they can get away with it.

Anonymous,  3:18 pm  

of course the misandrists will applaud cutting off a man's penis for 'rape.' i put rape in quotes because it is a legal conclusion to be determined by the courts and the 'rapist' is innocent until proven guilt. yes he should be punished but one of the reasons we afford even (especially) the worse criminals due process is to protect the rest of us from vigilanties. those that applaud this act are part of the crowd that allows thieves to be burned in public on the basis of a mere accusation.

what if the man suffered from an illness that impaired his ability to think clearly. yes he raped he girl but hat ailment would mitigate his punishment. cutting off his penis would and should not be one of them.i wonder if the sexists on here that promote this sort of violence have a similar proposal for women that rape boys. do we cut of their breasts, pour acid in their vaginas or what?

In my head and around me 4:05 pm  

Applause all around for Angelina. Justice should be sure and swift in these cases.

@anon 9:34: I totally understand where you are coming from. I had a theiving nanny. The last thing I ever want to hear is to 'leave it for the sake of The Lord'.That just incurs my wrath.

@anon 3:18: I have always thought that too much education can be a problem. In Angelina's case, she does not appear to have a lot and acted on a primal level which was what was needed in this case. I do not believe you have a child or children. No amount of derangement forgives a crime against a child. Especially one that may destroy that child psychologically and/or otherwise.
And as to your question about the women that rape boys, my answer is a resounding YES! No-one (man, woman,haemoprodite) will touch a child in my care and go free.that person must lose something. I can be quoted.

Anonymous,  4:45 pm  

my response was not directed at the mother of the child. it was directed at those on this blog that applaud her actions. those not (supposedly) bound by primal instinct.

what i find ironic is that you are willing to apply some excuse to the mother's actions (it being primal, therefore a diminished capacity on her part) but are unwilling to see that they same may apply to the 'rapist' as well. thats why this sort of behavior shouldn't be applauded.

and i do have a child

Ms. Catwalq 5:12 pm  

men, a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do...she was even nice sef

Ms. Catwalq 5:14 pm  

in my head and around me: God bless you with your response to the anonymous commenter concerned about vigilantes...

Lost at the Other End of the World 6:37 pm  

We need not get too excited about what we all seem to be acclaiming as some sort of neo-feminist swift-and-sure vigilantism against male oppression.

How many penises are we going to cut off and for how long? Just my way of saying that, ultimately, the man’s rape of the girl and Angelina’s response are both symptoms of the crooked social and cultural kink that bedevils our societies. Angelina did what she had to do. I would probably have done the same, but I’ll rather we fought for a world where Angelina is saved the dirty job of chopping off the nasty genitals of child-molesting reprobates.

Anonymous,  12:49 pm  

'Rape and Beg' is really uncommon in Nigeria.

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