Monday, August 18, 2008

Mugu don Sharpen Up Oh!!!

Good example of scamming the scammer. Thanks Ms Sanusi for the link!


Uzezi 2:46 pm  

really good example. and im second

ijebuman 4:35 pm  

it's an oldie (but a goodie), its been doing the rounds for a long time

Anonymous,  7:50 pm  

Na u be the mugu

Jaycee 9:34 pm  

This is not cool...

Jaycee 9:36 pm  

Wow...I have my men (my boys) in Scotland...


uknaija 8:38 am  

Why does the idiot stay on the line in any case?

Anonymous,  3:57 pm  

@uknaija, he stays online because he is an idiot. Thats why...

Afrobabe 5:14 pm  

@uknaija..that was the same question that came to my mind...

Anonymous,  12:49 am  



Anonymous,  5:37 am  

When more ppl clue in on scams and do not let their greed guide them, the 419, check cashing fraudsters et al would have to look for legit jobs. Good for everyone all round.

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