Monday, August 04, 2008

Rushdie's new squeeze

Bini-chikita, 25 year old Aita Ighodaro. Rushdie is 61. He is still married to Padma Lakshmi, by the way. Way to go, Salman!

Here for more.


Air beneath my feet 1:15 pm  

I can see the ground beneath her feet. He's won our darling's love, without a sigh. Eccentric and downright funny!

Wordsbody 2:21 pm  

Way to go gan loro naa (sorry for my Yorubanglish!). I saw a piccie of Rushdie and Ms Ighodaro (Naija extraction, for that matter) in a newspaper the other week and meant to blog it. But ya beat me to it.

Ms Lakshmi, from what I could read between the lines, left him. Things got hot with her and another chef. Umm...

Waffarian 3:13 pm  

You mean "edo" abi? or did you mean "benin"?cos na the spelling me i know be dat oh!

abeg, Aita, hook me up jare, if una reach my side, i dey invite una for tea and bisikit...i dey happy to show una round, all the sights and sounds of Benin, plus, i fit add warri as free deal self...

halla at ya sista!

Anonymous,  4:00 pm  

carry go salman! (and ms. ighodaro too). notin do you!

Anonymous,  4:12 pm  

uhmm trannylious!!!!

Ms. Catwalq 5:58 pm  

abi o jare....

Goy 6:10 pm  

Shebi the guy was canoodling with Scarlet Johansson in a video lately? This mid-life crisis has gone on way too long...

Meanwhile, one of his ex-bodyguards has written a tell all book, claiming all sorts of undignified things about Mr Rushdie and his love life whils in 'captivity'

Mr Rushdie is consulting with his solicitors, apparently.

I need a Booker in my life...

UndaCovaSista 6:38 pm  

Way to go Salman, indeed!

Kiibaati 8:35 pm  

According to Aita,

" We're not dating. We are just good friends."

( )

TMinx 9:32 pm  

Sigh, why does she have to be Edo? Firmly etching that stereoptype.

Anonymous,  11:54 am  

I actually know Aita personally so please don't go judging her. She spent her gap year before going to Oxford as a model and as a consequence knows and is friends with a lot of interesting people.

Anonymous,  2:01 pm  

This is the Year of Divine Consolation (apologies to our churches!) for Nigeria. We lost the US Presidency to kenya, but we're gonna gain the FirstLadyShip of the Literary World.
I'm off to Facebook to start a "Nigerians Earnestly Behind Aita" Group!

Jeremy 2:33 pm  

Last anonymous (2.01pm). There is a queue you know. The "Nigerians earnestly behind Aita" will have to wait. I presume there is already an Indian (directly) behind Aita, perhaps even as we speak...

Anonymous,  10:59 pm  

i bet its not because of his virility, good looks or charm.... hehehe

In my head and around me 12:09 pm  

Had to double check I was on the right blog. Thought for a second that I had landed on

Anonymous,  9:12 pm  

Y did she have to shame us with that hair??

Bad ass extensions!!!
Did someone say she went to Oxford to model??


Anonymous,  9:25 pm  

I'm a bit too late to comment on this, but why 'way to go'? It seems a little depressing that he gets involved with progressively younger and younger women - it maybe coincidence (in which case ignore the below), but if not it reveals a quite superficial and empty approach to choosing a partner. You'd hope that interest, experience, and dignity which come with age would be a more valued preferred choice (especially since this is not at the expense of beauty or style). Constantly dating younger women makes him seem self-absorbed, references a controlling aspect in his relationships, and privileges characteristics (youth) which are not per se admirable over those which are (humor, constancy, tolerance, honesty, etc). It is faintly distasteful.

OutOfThisWorld 11:50 pm  

Huhhhhhh, that couple just dont make sense!

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