Friday, August 15, 2008

Dreaming of Sao Tome..

Our fab friend Ellie came round this evening to join us for a dinner party. She came armed with her snaps from a recent trip to Sao Tome as well as Sao Tomean chocolate-coated coffee beans from Claudio Corallo. Yummy. Its a good website and an interesting story by the way..

Click to see the large size versions, as always.

If you're thinking of going to ST & P, go now before Ryanair or some other cheapo airline decides to mess it up. The deep equatorial hues of sea and sky set against the dark volcanic rocks are quite something, no be so?

The first Oceanic Bank branch was opened there last week - the newspapers here were full of pix of MD Cecilia Ibru sporting a dashing pair of sunglasses sitting next to el Presidente. A sign of Nigeria's increasing spread into neighbouring countries as the petro-nairas flow in...


anonymaus,  6:17 am  

Italy like Germany and Japan (to name but a few countries) is synonymous with QUALITY.

The cocoa plant originates from what is today known as Bolivia, and with the attention to detail that typifies Italian products, it comes as no surprise that they (the Corallos) have targeted Sao Tome and Principe to cultivate their crop. In addition to being isolated with suitable climatic conditions, the environment looks pristine.

I do hope that the people of Sao Tome, choose a development model that will allow them to enjoy a good quality of life in a pristine environment. They might consider going for the line of "Quality not quantity". They could follow the Swiss model or that of Barbados, in other words clean and serene.
( compare that with Nigeria )

They are or shortly will be an oil producer (so they too will be more than awash in petro-dollars).

Anonymous,  12:00 pm  

Jeremy, why cannot keep your mouth shut? However, as there are not that many shops and malls etc not sure that many Nigerians (those that do working holidays, buying and selling etc) would venture there. Hopefully. Shell markets Sao Tome as a tourist destination to their expats.AS per usual, it was the white people that took up. I think it is about to change...
Do we Nigerians do 'holidays'? Just lounge by the sea, have drinks and do nothing in general?

Anonymous,  12:18 pm  

I went to Sao Tome a couple of years ago. The locals often told me they are not 'Africans'.

Anonymous,  1:17 pm  

to 12.18 and your point is?

Anonymous,  3:50 pm  

anon12 pm-
Yes, we do those holidays... sand, sea, pool, no cell phones, endless coctails, ditched diets, cheesy pics.
pile on the holiday pounds, squeeze into our plane seats, and mosey on back to naij.
what do you do on your holidays?

Sandrine 4:53 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

It looks beautiful.The lava and lush landscape reminds me Hawaii.We love chocolate in my family.My little one (2) that doesn't say much yet already knows the word.He says lala (for chocolat).
Take care.


Anonymous,  7:04 pm  

Where is Sao Tome pls?

Anonymous,  7:38 pm  

get fucked with THAT view as my background to heightened my orgasmic pleasure, eat my way through the local dishes, go for historical/political tours, gate crash parties, get high if possible and fuck some more. Then get back to naij and be god-fearing. What do you do?

Anonymous,  1:00 am  

@anon 1:17, it was something I observed. That's all - no need to get worked up.

Woman 2:23 pm  

Please save some coffee beans for me.

Anonymous,  5:07 pm  

Come on guys, naijas holiday by the thousands every year. We book up all the business class seats on virgin, BA, lufthansa, klm, so there! There's shopping to be done, followed by excessive eating, then we squeeze into our ill-fitting expensive designer gear; what do you mean we don't do holidays?

anonymaus,  4:12 pm  

A Anonymous @ 7.04pm, the answer to the question

"Where is Sao Tome pls?"

" ...the Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe, is an island nation in the Gulf of Guinea, off the western equatorial coast of Africa. It consists of two islands: São Tomé and Príncipe, located about 140 kilometres apart and about 250 and 225 kilometres, respectively, off the northwestern coast of Gabon. ..."

culled from Wikipedia


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