Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sir Victor Uwaifo and the mermaid..

Nice radio slot on the Highlife legend here. He tells a lovely story from 4 and a half minutes in about the origin of his big hit Guitar Boy. He was on Bar Beach back in the day when he saw Mami Wata, the mermaid, out in the ocean. The rest is history:

If you see Mami Wata o, never never you run away...

Kazey always sings this song at Blakes Excellency resort every Friday.


Anonymous,  1:04 am  

Victor Uwaifo is my favorite Nigerian musician of all time. And I'm not even Bini, and I was born well after he had his hits (very late 80s).

Jobs in Nigeria 2:05 am  

His hits are great,
does anyone know much about his history?

Banking Vacancies in Nigeria 10:17 am  

I have always been a fan of Victor Uwaifo, I think his music is unique, I don't really know so much about his history but I know he is from Benin and was a one time commissioner in that state

simeon ldahosa,  7:11 pm  

Victor uwaifor has be my idol l started listening to his music when l was a little boy in the 60's till now. I love all his music.
Simeon ldahosa

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