Friday, August 08, 2008

Imagine having 86 wives?

This Nigerian man has been there and done that, with 170 kids. If he rotates without prejudice, that means he sees each wife four times a year. Guinness Book of Records, anyone?


Anonymous,  9:54 am  

'Every mealtime they cook three 12kg bags of rice which costs $915 (£457) every day.'

I can live with the rest of the story, but i SERIOUSLY doubt that.

Anonymous,  10:57 am  

Are you jealous? At least he is faithful in the sense that he marries them.

anonymaus,  12:00 pm  

With that number of wives and children, how much time can he devote to each child? Does he know the birthday of each child (or even their names)? Does he care for them at all? Does he love his children? In today's world where people have come to expect more out of life than to merely breath, this is surely a glimpse into the dark ages.

I still fail to see how so many women will be drawn to one old boy. Black women in the western world don't take that s**t! In Africa on the other, it's a whole different story.

Half Past Crazy,  1:49 pm  

"Every mealtime they cook three 12kg bags of rice which all adds up to $915 (£457) every day."

Yup. "This Day" level of journalism from the BBC.

Air beneath my feet 2:08 pm  

@Anonymaus 12:00pm, what? I am not asking for it but what the heck do you mean Black women in the western world don't take that s**t! ? Here I was thinking you'd be good at spotting a thing or two but I beg you to excuse me, you are a goose! :) If you permit me to be frank, someone needs to take you outside for a moment, explaining to you that the LAW is the mechanism that prevents the legality of such an occurrence in certain countries. In the UK for example, are you aware there are women who live normally in the same house with their children, husband, lover 1, and lover 2...lover z? A woman is a woman, be she green, red, pink, blue or yellow. Check out the following example in the US With a Whole Lotta Love, Three, or More, Is Never a Crowd!

I still love you though, if not being your acquaintance, I allow myself since this is an interesting subject….

Anonymous,  3:23 pm  

I just had to do the math. 3 bags of rice costing over 100k per day and the guy has no visible source of income and they live in squalor???? Could the BBC really be so thick??? Sometimes i wonder... If na so na, make dat man show me the way, i'd like to be able to sit around doing nothing and still be able to spend that much on worreva..

anonymaus,  4:54 pm  

Hey Air Beneath my feet
Thank you for your remark (it was most unexpected). What I was remarking on with the line
"Black women in the Western World don't take that s**t", was why so many women are drawn to this man? Is it desperation to avoid being left on the shelf, not wanting to be stigmatised by being the odd-one out?

Black women in England at least, have not been reduced to such a level (where they are so disempowered - this is a generalisation), where an anything will do approach to avoid being unmarried. All the black women I've encountered in Britain have that self-respect.

I don't recall love being mentioned not once in that interview (with Mr Bello Abubakar). The example you gave I don't think can be compared. The "Pairs with Spares", the motivation is different, and there is some such thing as a quality of life for the children of such relationships. I can't say I get that feeling from the Abubakar situation.

Thanks for the love ... :-)

You've raised some good points yourself (in this and other posts).

naijalines 6:30 pm  

LOL @ 'rotating without prejudice'.

Anonymous,  7:00 pm  

you " dont remember LOVE being mentioned"?
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
(you get the picture)...
what planet do you inhabit?
how refreshingly (um, not) sweet and unworldly.
i've got a piece of land to sell you..
but seriously! come on..

Anonymous,  7:44 pm  

too funny.....gramps got it going on......

Anonymous,  6:07 am  

Obviously,you can tell that most of the women that are with him had a fire lit under their bush.A lot of the women probabaly have kids with him after they were declared "barren" in previous marriages.some may have had illnesses or perceived illnesses and after getting "cured" the "man of God" tells them they are to be married to him as a message from God. Some are with him under the umbrella of "I have a husband" even if they are whoring in other parts of town. And for some of these women , the poverty they are coming from was far worse than where they are now.

Abeg ,leave matter, half the kids are probably not his.Good lord...cesspool of STDs/STIs.

As for black women not taking ish from men...please,who are these men with 7 or more kids from baby mamas making the babies with? The only difference is that women in the west walk when they feel like it and the community does not vilify them, cos the community is made up of single mothers.And i am not talking about educated middle class women. I am talking about the high school dropouts, jailbirds et al. I doubt Alhaji has a college educated woman leaving under his roof. I will be surprised if any of his wives finished primary school.

Air beneath my feet 12:00 pm  

@Anonymaus 4:54pm:

My friend, in trying to serve reason, COLOUR/RACE etc is all one big fantasy, and all of us are a major fantasy! You'll witness for yourself in the end.

Anonymous,  5:41 pm  

What I find interesting is the reference made to God or Allah in every answer to every question. God sef don suffer!

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