Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lagos, expensive slum

Lagos it the 30th most expensive city in the world to live in - see the results here.


indar ph 10:04 am  

I think that the article refers to living costs for ex-pats, not Nigerians.

AlooFar 10:47 am  

Very apt headline.

Anengiyefa 2:55 pm  

Its interesting that Lagos is the top of only three African cities in the top 50, the others being Douala and Dakar. It must say something....

Air beneath my feet 4:06 pm  

I would agree with Indar ph but am surprised one couldn't find Libreville on the list. In 2002 or thereabout, BBC ranked it as the fourth most expensive city in the world. There is a photo with the following caption "Nice life if you are an expatriate" .

However, if one reads the folowing post where a number of tour operators have begun leading curious tourists into some of the world's most famous slums: i.e. the "homes" of India's street children, I am tempted to say Lagos should remain a slum.

There were many slums before, and have always existed, not only here but everywhere, and just as terrible; there may even be more horrible slums than Lagos in New York. The difference is that before we had less publicity, while now we've begun to speak aloud and even write about them, which is why it seems as if the lagos slum as only appeared now.

But there is no doubt that we lack practicality. Nigeria lacks originality (with the exception of our literary and musical icons etc). Originality is the foremost quality of the practical man. There are so many geniuses walking the streets in Nigeria but when you meet them you would regard them as fools.

We have been ruled by leaders who are just like children, who want a toy, we’ve got to have it right now, but don’t understand what it’s (a republic/nation) all about.

tps360 6:35 am  

wait a minute.. Lagos is the 30th most expensive city to live in the world and yet nigeria is ranked amongst the 20 poorest nations of the world? Who comes up with these so-called rankings anyway?

emeka,  4:49 pm  

"there may even be more horrible slums than Lagos in New York"

Please don't talk nonsense.

Air beneath my feet 11:23 am  

@emeka 4:49pm

a certain measure of likelihood or possibility :)

does not exclude the future possibility

Jobs in Nigeria 11:58 pm  

Yes, lagos is very expensive to live in, and yet people are poor in Nigeria, just dont understand....

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