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T.B Joshua

I was delighted to see T.B. Joshua on local TV this evening. I was preparing for some old fashioned entertainment from the pastor's pastor.

You might have seen the Channel 4 doc from a few years ago, where Dr Robert Beckford met with Pastor Joshua and was just a little disturbed by the encounter. Beckford, a brainy Christian theologian, was not persuaded that what he saw had any relationship to Christianity.

T.B. Joshua claims to be able to cure anything - including death (start from 5.30 in). Go to YouTube, type in his name, sit back and marvel at his spiritual powers. His church has people from all over the world in attendance. They can't all be wrong can they?

Despite his mangled English, I must say he made a lot more sense than the other local televangelists - Pastor Chris, Matthew Ashimolowo- at least for the while I was watching. The theme was giving. Various oyinbos from 'Emmanuel TV' would visit old people in their communities, give them a bag of rice and what looked like 2000 naira. They'd also give them a hug and stay to chat. Triffic. Then the show would switch back to Pastor Joshua in sermon, talking about the grace of age and how often old people suffered from loneliness. All definitely recognisably Christian behaviour and heart-warming stuff.

My only quibble was the age of some of the people they gave the gifts too - one woman claimed to be 130, and another couple of toothless oldies claimed to be 110. In a country where life expectancy is in the low 40s, that's a trifle hard to believe.


naijalines 12:10 am  

Yes I remember Beckford's encounter with T.B. Joshua quite well. It was a channel 4 documentary, aired in the UK a few years ago - part of a series by Dr Beckford. In fact I wrote an article about it in one of the Nigerian newspapers.

I did think at the time that Dr Beckford was quite scathing in the documentary. Though his observations about the evangelists he met with seemed fair enough given what was shown on camera, it was nonetheless an imbalanced portrayal of the role of christianity and evangelism in Nigeria and the diaspora. There are some evangelists doing good work in the community and helping the poor.

Having said that, something needs to be done about bogus evangelists who claim the impossible with their 'cures' and obviously their subjects too, as you have pointed out. It is definitely eating into the social consciousness and fabric of Nigerian society. It is a problem that the Nigerian government needs to look into. Are Nigerian leaders bothered enough to do something about it?

Qute 1:35 am  

I totally agree Naijalines, the case of Nigerian pastors deceiving the poor masses of Nigeria who find it hard to eke out a living is getting ridiculous and something has to do about it, but what can one do, some people are so desperate they are ready to do anything for help? Most of these pastors are such great orators that if you are not careful, you’ll fall into their web too.

On the other hand, I don't care what anyone says but all these pastors (here in the US, in Nigeria, in the UK or wherever) with their miracle cures are all questionable, regardless of how righteous or holy they look and sound, people should be careful patronizing them.

And Christians should remember that Jesus also warned us about them, that a time will come and they will be everywhere.


Toks- Boy 9:59 am  

@Naijalines - I am sorry but I have just been sitting here giggling to myself about that line _It is a problem that the Nigerian government needs to look into. I can assure you they are. Every Sunday. In the front row.

The reality is that until people feel a greater control over thier own lives and destinies they will continue to be picked and sucked dry by these vultures. Also worth noting as J said in one of his previous posts that these people actually perform a great service for the government in keeping the mass population restive and stopping them from thinking too much about the situation the government is keeping them in. And God forbit trying to do something about it

Homeless 12:20 pm  

Although I am homeless, may the Devil have this idiot, a bloody criminal. Actors like this need to be executed publicly at 7am by firing squad. And like I may have commented somewhere earlier, I have no problem with Mohammed, Christ (Yeshua as he was known) and other prophets (especially those of very high moral standards) of other religions. But I reject entirely their churches, temples, mosques or whatever called, which the so called spirit of jezebel hovers greatly in and around today.

Robbie Honerkamp 3:14 pm  

He has a satellite TV channel- Emmanuel TV. It's available in the US. So there's the scary part- not only does he have the money to lease satellite transponder time, but there are people here in the US who actually watch his stuff.

Anonymous,  8:22 pm  

the life expectancy in nigeria low, not because people don't live a long time, but because too many die as babies. though 130 is unlikely, 110 isn't so unlikely.

Anonymous,  11:44 am  

Do not doubt the age. My friend's grandfather died at the age of 110.
My hubby's best mate father just turned 97-year-old last month. In he lives in Osun state.

RJ 8:30 pm  

At anonymous 8.22, I was just about to make that comment about life expectancy.

That said, T.B.J is a fake, always have, always will and the reason they (piece of crap people like him) do so well especially in a society like that is cos people want so hard to believe in something, something that would change the situation they are in and they take advantage of it. Yes I believe it should be illegal, and yes they should be able to show some kind of proof.

Anonymous,  10:17 pm  

This guy na jazz ooooooo!!

Waffarian 12:15 am  

@homeless: go and activate your comment section jare...wetin dey do you?

Red Eyes of Fire 1:53 pm  

my comment above also serves for the oyedepo's and chris oyakhilomes (this one is more of a comedian) of this world...

Naapali 2:45 am  

I can cure death too. All I need is a good defibrillator, enough epinephrine and a patient in V-fib. Methinks adequate (though poorly performed) CPR helped the old dude out. His brain likely suffered a stroke during it as his L facial weakness suggests.

Anonymous,  11:09 am  

I could just imagine you sitting there smugly as you typed that.That's the most stupid thing I have ever heard you say till date Jeremy, for someone who has lived in Nigeria for so long. My grandfather was 111 when he died.

Open your mind.


baba sala,  2:40 pm  

Come out of HIM in Jesus name!

dapxin 1:33 am  

In the name of almighty lord. Amen! Amen Amen.

O da bo. TB nonsense!

Makweembo 2:26 pm  

Ask the widow whose children were sent back to school and accommodation provided, the dwarves who lived 30 together in one room whose dreams of getting education were realised, and housing and feeding freely given, the physically challenged beggars on the street who were given capital to start a business with dignity and respect, and they will tell you that TB Joshua is truly a man of God.

I have personally seen the cripples walk, the demons delivered and dashed hopes revitalised - all in the name of Jesus, and with no personal gain attached, or selfish motives implied. TB Joshua is a man humbly submitted to the will of God. This is my personal conclusion and grounded conviction having studied him for a number of months, both behind the alter and on it.

Those who are basing their judgement on hearsay - I advise you to go and see for yourself, with your own two eyes, for the Bible clearly tell us in Psalm 12:2 - everyone lies to his neighbour.

Watch his live services every Sunday on Emmanuel TV and see the wonders God is working.

Anonymous,  2:28 pm  

You are truly ignorant; the life expectancy figures are just but generalisations and it doesnt mean that everyone in that country dies at 40! Seemingly when a particular country has a life expectancy of say 80, does not say that everyone will die at 80.

Concerning the signs and wonders at Prophet TB Joshoua's ministry; i say show me a servant of God in whose ministry we get displays of God's wonders and you people approve of and say truly he is a man of God.You are all good critics! All of these servants of God whose ministries are associated with signs and wonders, are deemed false, occultic, why?

Luke warm Christianity, where there is no practicality of Christianity is what u appreciate. I say build your relationship with the Lord and spend less time on failt-finding!

tscon 9:03 pm  

THATs good God BLESS YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT keep it up.-from kenya

Anonymous,  3:01 pm  

T.B.Joshua is really a man of God love it or hate that he is a prophet of God and remember a prophet is never acknowledged in his own country. Man of God may the almighty God PROPER you so that you may help many people the disabled and many more you inspire me may God sustain your life so that many may be saved.

-AMBER-,  12:40 am  

Many of these ‘big’ American pastors love to come to ‘3rd world’ countries ‘like Nigeria’ and hand out food to the poor people. Many of them forget that the poverty and oppression in their own country goes unaddressed. Nigeria (one of the richest African nations) is a country where the government refuses to tackle the issue of poverty, so I think it’s wonderful that men like TB Joshua and the church is taking it up. I am sure that if a few more of Nigeria’s ‘Super-Pastors’ got on the bandwagon, they could single-handedly make a huge impact on the financial oppression in their country. TB Joshua is living his life as an example – he should be encouraged not criticised. I love Emmanuel TV!!

Ihechukwu 9:08 pm  

Check out this story written by The Sun concerning TB Joshua:

It is a touching account...

I actually discovered it on a blog:

Stephanie Peters 3:38 am  

Love him or hate him - by his fruit you shall know him - if you just sit down and take a look at the sheer numbers and scope of testimonies that flood out of his ministry, among them cancer,HIV etc. not to mention the millions that he spends on Nigeria's destitute. Oh and by the way, the name prophet is not by chance - take a look at his international prophecies and their confirmations, among them the death of Korean former president.
The Nigerian leaders you are talking about did do something about it - they gave him a national award in Abuja (OFR). I don't know about you but if there were more TB Joshua's in this world - the world would be a better place. Lets face it - as Gameliel says in that book of Acts 5:33-39, if what he's doing is of human origin - he will fail but if he is from GOD.......

scoan 7:41 pm  

I greet you all in the name of our lord Jesus Christ .i am call Mrs Dorisa Benson from Poland .i just wish to testify about my healing which the man of God the Pophet TB Joshua prayed for me and i received my instant healing here in Poland at my home.i was watching the emmanuel TV when the pastor was praying .he asked us to place our hands were we are feeling pains .i did just that and committed my problems to God in prayer and had faith that he was going to heal me using this man of God .i had faith and believe that i was going to receive my healing . i was having a broking leg and could not walk .i was using crouches and a wheel chair to help me walk . But when the pastor prayed for me,the pains went off and i could walk again .praise the lord .i later called to testify live at the Sunday church service and i was given this email address ( scoan_africa2009@mail2africa ) to write to them and give my prayer request which i did . they have been praying for me and i am not strong and doing very healthy .i thank God for this man of God .all of you reading this Testimony ,i encourage you to be strong and have faith in God .he will surely work a purpose for your life.i just ant to assure you . for those of you searching for their contact,email them your prayer request and your phone number at ([email protected] ) will live to testify the goodness of God .As he the man of God has always said....BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH ,THE BEST IS YET TO COME .....

preacher man 6:31 pm  

yea t.b joshua and all that healing stuff
i stumbled across a documentary wher t.b joshua was been exposed and critised
it was done by an ex disciple of it..
you should have a look at it

Phumlani 10:30 pm  

You so called christians who dont belive God is far mroe than able to do what your narrow minded selves want him to do .. I feel sorry for you

So what is the man is blessed with a TV ministry .. Christians must get in on al forms of communication and spread the gospel ..

The fact that God has greanted it and its availble around the world should be celebrated for it is a wonderfull miracle and sign that we serve a living God ..

kigold 12:00 am  

in agreement and accordance with Makweembo, 2:26 PM, i will like to add that it is easy to hear some SHIT about someone and then make rash judgment, but if u get to com closer to the person u would find out otherwise.

kigold 12:07 am  

JESUS CHRIST was a GREAT man with great character, love for his fellow man,, but still he wasn't loved by everyone, even after he was crucified by them he still had enough love to pray for their forgivness, does that mean he isn't the SON of GOD, com'on, it is inevitable, no matter how good u are, u are still likely 2 have enemies, but as in the case of JESUS so it is in T.B.Joshua's, only those close to him can give a true testimony about him, Like the blind man Jesus healed, when he was questioned said, "i dont know what u call him (jesus) but one thing i do know, i was blind, but now i see" remember by their fruits u shall know them

Godfrey phiri,  12:10 am  

Godfrey will save GOD of T.B.Joshua where he goes i will go his GOD will be my GOD his people will be my people.I love you man of GOD 100%.May GOD bless the SCOAN.

We Love 6:24 pm  

Dear Sir/Madam

Plaese check out my blog Is created to propagate the work of God in The Synagogue Church of All Nations and Emmanuel TV through Prophet T.B Joshua. It’s owned by Michael Lathbridge and supported by a group of UK based fans of Prophet T.B Joshua who have been beneficiaries of the deliverance, healing and blessings of God through T.B Joshua to counter the fabricated lies of the saboteurs namely Bayo Ajede, Bisola Johnson, Agomoh Paul, and Solomon David which have led many to blaspheme against the work of the Holy Spirit in the ministry of T.B Joshua.

For those who have contributed negatively the Bible tells us clearly to be careful of what we look at, what we listen to, what we read and what others tell us. If not you may be a Christian yet controlled by satanic devices.

A Christian is one whose life comes from Christ himself and Christ preached the good news, in His teaching you’ll never hear condemnation. Many of you heard rumours that T.B Joshua does not call the name of Jesus or read the bible and without finding out the truth, you judged him. Please watch the footage on this page.Today T.B Joshua has become contentious and probably the most persecuted man of God in the whole world. Little do his persecutors know that their actions have done. As TB Joshua says, persecution is a tonic to the annointing!

I, Michael Lathbridge, lived with T.B Joshua from December, 1992 to August, 2003; I was still living with him before the above named saboteurs came with their problems.. I assure you they are the Judas of our time. Would you bite the finger that has fed you? Hmm

I have continued to study Prophet T.B Joshua for years and my interest in his activities is growing by the day. He demonstrates Christian virtues like no other pastor I have come across. Well, if all this is what Jesus Christ is all about, then I should review my opinion of Him. Like I have said here before, his miracle’s are simply mind-blowing, which has led many to accuse him of witchcraft and sorcery. I believe people who are saying this need some enlightenment for, like Prophet Joshua himself often says, “What people don’t understand, they criticise…”

Please you need watch these two videos filled with the undiluted word of God.

Amenuvor gershon,  9:11 pm  


Amenuvor gershon,  9:12 pm  


augustine 6:26 pm  

good day sir what ever the day this message come to you for it is not a comment for it is a request for help iam a youth boy of 20 year without any person to rely on for help for sir iam about to give help to a girl who is in a camp in Senegal and my hand is short to help her sir i which you can do that for me iam pleading in the name of JESUS CHRIST for this is my mail [email protected] thanks for understanding

Anonymous,  6:25 pm  

I live in the United States of America and am an American citizen. my parents are not from africa but a friend told me about TB Joshua and I'M BLESSED each time I watch his show on the web here in the US. Why is it so easy for u people to believe that a witchcraft man/woman could cure and do things but yet you failed to believe in the Spirit of the Living God in a man that Christ to use himself. Just like satan has agent that he use to do perform his missions then God "JESUS" also have more agents to perform his duties. stop judging TB Joshua and give praise to God for the people who are healed through his ministry. Further more give your life to Christ and maybe He may use you too

Emmmanuel 1:01 am  

TB Joshua is truly a man of God. Emmanuel TV has changed my life and I have seen the reality of practical christianity.

I have been posting testimonies of people who have received from God through the ministry of TBJ. Check it out and share your own:

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