Monday, September 01, 2008

Osun festival

Some nice pix on the Beeb's site of last week's festival in Osogbo, here.


Red Eyes of Fire 9:22 pm  

Great stuff. Susanne has really aged. I saw her in one of those pics

Lost at the Other End of the World 2:35 am  

Cool stuff man. I missed all these good stuff when I used to live in Naija especially since I grew up in Benin city where they have the famous Igwe festival. Can you believe that I never attended even one? You can guess why. I used to be a Christian. Not quite the cabashing kind but devout enough to believe Fela was a devil and Olokun a demon. Anyway, it's my loss.

But wait o. I'm still Nigerian enough to know to put animals in their place, if you know what I mean. But, I've lived in obodo oyinbo long enough to flinch when animals are treated in certain ways. Like the boy throwing the dove in the river to drown. Don't mind me sha. Just thinking aloud!

Sandrine 3:14 pm  

Hi Jeremy,

Nice pictures! The pictures you took when you went there with Bibi were good too.


Baba Sala,  10:38 pm  

Come out of them in Jesus name!

Anonymous,  9:35 am  


Anonymous,  3:00 am  

@ BABA SALA, ase.

Baba Sala,  5:15 am  

Na joke I dey joke now. Wetin go come out sef? No be your forefather religion? No be your mama im mama begin am? All of una come dey rush say "amen" like person wey dem brainwash.

shigidi,  4:13 pm  

baba sala, baba sala, baba sala emelo ni mo peo

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