Sunday, September 07, 2008

Veganism is the future..

You'll all come round to my way of thinking in the fullness of time...



Waffarian 12:25 pm  

Or you could just become a serious catholic and eat fish on fridays instead of meat.

By Goeorge they've got it! Finally, something good from the roman catholic church! hheheheheh

But really, who eats meat everyday? With all the serious publicity about omega 3? hehehehe

Anyway, meat is so over rated...I support. Eat less meat, think about your hearts!

Anonymous,  3:33 pm  

Dr Pachauri would say that, wouldn't he? I guess he's Hindu. The real issue is excessive consumption of meat, and worse still factory farming for cheap low quality meat in the some countries. Nothing wrong with good organic meat...quality, old chap! I'm sure you've seen how people pile on assorted meat on their plates, I agree that's greed. Equally, the fast food outlets in the US/UK encourage gluttony. Italians and peoples in the Mediterranean do eat meat sensibly, good quality, avoid gluttony or greed, and its not so bad. Enough said. From a meat eater. Enjoy!

Sprezatura 6:58 pm  

i dont think veganism is 100% possible, i feel its just like an afrocentric musician who hates anything unafrican n still uses a piano, or an alqaeda member that hates the west but still uses rocket launchers made by the west.

im not doubting you, im just curious about how it will work.

nneoma 7:27 pm  

hmmmm, seems like everything is causing global warming these days....kind of like how in the 90s they suspected everything to cause cancer....(and still do, I still receive those emails warning me of how X product causes X cancer). i guess for the heck of it, i'll do my own little bit to prevent global warming and cancer...but I don't expect that I will give up meat, artificial sweetners, soy milk and similar culprits. Honestly, there is a part of me that has come to terms with the inevitability of my own death...and that of this planet.

Kody 8:44 pm  

How anyone can resist lamb shank with mashed potatoes or a smoked salmon is beyond me!

Red Eyes of Fire 10:19 pm  

When Jesus returns?

Anonymous,  1:56 am  

Lefties trying to control us!!! what next???

Sandrine 6:15 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
I agree with you. I'm not there yet though. I still eat poultry and beef. The following sentence was hilarious to me:"Some ideas were contradictory, he said - for example, one solution to emissions from livestock was to keep them indoors, but this would damage animal welfare." not to mention the welfare of anybody that would have to go inside!
Take care.

CodLiverOil 3:44 pm  

Did you know that Nigeria will be importing cattle from as far away as Uganda ! Will they end up consuming all the cattle in Africa!! Yikes, how scary!!

Oh by the way, many fish stocks are endangered, so it's not as simple as substituting meat with fish.

I have vegetable soups (not stews) at least once/week.

Kiibaati 6:45 pm  

Imagine eating pounded yam and egusi soup with soya beans meatballs ????

Anonymous,  4:14 pm  

Lovers of meat, unite against the evil force of veganism!


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