Wednesday, September 03, 2008

If you want to know your witchcraft status...

.. then head down to Calabar and talk to General Overseer of Liberty Gospel Church, Helen Ukpabio.

Remember, treat PLWPWS (People living With Positive Witchcraft Status) with care and compassion..


Red Eyes of Fire 5:07 pm  

Another terrible trickster. The art of witchcraft has been totally misunderstood.

Waffarian 5:42 pm  

Shoot! I was hoping to learn more about "red witchcraft"...I hope they continue the was so enlightening! I would have gone down to check my status asap...I wonder if I can do it through internet?

Anonymous,  4:42 am  

LOL, Jeremy. You're a hoot!! I'm going to make a special trip just to find out my status. Wouldn't want to be bewitched and not know it!

Afolabi 1:36 pm  

Fear tactics = Control

Loomnie 1:44 pm  

oh oh... I bet that was a joke!

bisola edun,  11:01 pm  

This story would be funny if this woman was just another harmless trickster looking to make money off people's gullibility. As it is, she capitalizes on the poverty, illiteracy and dangerous superstitions of the people in her midst by telling them their children are witches and charging a fee to 'cure' them. When these people, who are barely able to feed their families are unable to cough up her fees - in some cases as much as a month's wages - they are left to their own devices. As you can imagine, the 'possessed' children are brutalized and often killed. This woman and her cohorts should be jailed and tortured in the worst possible way.

Please read

If you would like to help, email Gary Foxcroft at [email protected] or [email protected]

For the love of me 12:19 pm  

Lol, I didnt know helen was still at it. My brother and I attended one of her witchcraft conferences once when we were young. During the casting and binding session.We refused to close our eyes as we had heard that people turn to snakes etc.Nothing of the sort happened but some of the ushers caught us with our eyes opened and said if we didn't close our eyes, the witchcraft will jump into us. We still didn't close our eyes.
So perhaps I am a black witch now, so make una no find my trouble, less I unleash on you. LMAO

In my head and around me 1:58 pm  

Bisola, good on you for recalling her connection to that article. Your comment was perfect.

This woman should be condemned in the harshest of way. She gives Christainity a bad name. And how come she knows so much about witches anyhoo?

How a Christain will feel that alarm bells shouldn't be raised when a "pastress" spends time discussing evil rather than praising/speaking about The Lord beats me.

I have much more to say but have a policy not to waste words on people of this ilk.

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