Friday, September 26, 2008

Africa Express at the Shrine..

Excellent gig coming up on Oct 18th at the Africa Shrine, as part of the Felabration events. Tony Allen, Ginger Baker, Baaba Maal and even Franz Ferdinand will be there. Here for more. A gig in London on Oct 22 follows.


Mike,  8:39 pm  

Its a pity the acoustics at Femi's Shrine are so poor. Fela's Shrine was cookin'...

The article referred to in the link becomes more interesting when read alongside this:

The Fela/MacCartney anecdote versus the accusations levelled against Geldof are particularly interesting.

Anonymous,  1:34 am  

Baaba Maal will be there? Jesu Kristi. I am in obodo oyinbo now, and I so badly wanna see him play. Sh!t.

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