Thursday, September 18, 2008

No blacks, please honey

Click to enlarge and read this controversial story from South Africa about the alleged skills shortage down there. The original article appeared here (subscribers only)


Anonymous,  9:54 am  

The woman is running her private company the best way she knows how.

Abeg, make una leave her alone.

I admire her honesty. She is simply articulating what everybody thinks and does, without saying so.

When Zuma takes over, a lot of this South African identity-crisis bullshit will reduce. He is 100% Africana, unlike Thabo 'The Coconut' (brown outside, white inside) Mbeki.


Uzo,  3:19 pm  

Reading stuff like this always always breaks my heart.

When I first started reading, he optimist in me who always refuses to call an action/person "racist" without examining all facts found her argument that "[they] are headhunter and thus leave for a marginally higher salary" a bit plausible.

By the end of the story, I felt sick. Seriously, why do people like this exist? Why does anyone think that skin color is something to judge a person's character by?

Anonymous,  3:24 pm  

On the contrary Modibbo she should be made an example out of, ta na hukah nai? if they all think so then it high time they bloody change, Nelson did go to prison for no reason, SA is one place that boggles me mind till date, apatheid is still alive and well!

RJ 8:27 pm  

It’s sad that shit like this happen in a country that blacks are the majority and it’s on the freaking African continent. I think that’s what infuriates me the most about the whole SA apartheid mess, that they have such audacity to actualize those racist views in Africa.
It’s not much different from here though, at least the lady is openly saying what she wants. In the U.S, every racist prick hides behind politically correct (PC) words - "oh but i said those african americans not those negroes."
Bitch Pls!

nneoma 11:34 pm  

from first anonymous - "When Zuma takes over, a lot of this South African identity-crisis bullshit will reduce."
...rolls eyes...

nneoma 12:04 am  

I'd hate to double post and get off-topic at the same time, but I just had to confirm that we were thinking of the same Zuma...that is the one who raped his best friend's daughter and then claimed he protected himself from AIDs by taking a warm shower afterwards?...oh yeah, he's great for morale of South African blacks...just great.

Anonymous,  7:39 am  

I do not for a moment imagine that racism has disappeared, or will in the not-so-distant future. It is a deep-seated problem that will simply not be solved by black majority rule.

The economic marginalization of blacks that took centuries to entrench will take a very long time to correct.

This scenario, I am sure, is a common occurrence in today's South Africa and would remain so and expressed blatantly (as in the story) or represented by masquerades of tokenism.

Anonymous,  4:08 pm  

It's happening here, some Non-Nigerian landlords in Lagos & Abuja do not want Nigerian tenants, and to make it worse, the estate agents actually repeat it with glee...."...Oga, I did not know that you are Nigerian, the landlord does not want Nigerians....", i.e. no blacks!!! Shocking! I visited a block of flats in Abuja, largely occupied by diplomats and the reaction of a couple of the residents was hostile, nothing was said, but you could feel the heat, and this is Nigeria.

Anonymous,  10:21 pm  

Are you for real. In Abuja ke. In my Nigeria. That will be the day. I will put up with it in America but in Nigeria. Watch me skin somebdy alive

Anonymous,  11:16 pm  

It is all about perception and economic power. Whites = higher status. Blacks = ghetto. Then you start getting middle class Blacks who think they are on par as the Whites and that they have made it. The more English you sound, he more Employers liken you. Sad. Knew kenya ( and East Africa) was like this but Nigeria?? No hope for the continent.
A few years ago, I stayed with my cousin in the New Jersey, USA in a quiet neighbourhood (like Leamington Spa) and she commented that her family are leaving the area as more Blacks are moving in. Read - more Blacks = low housing prices. Their house was worth $300,000 but they felt the influx of Blacks would be damaging. I did not know where to look.
Nigerians in London not frequenting Finsbury Park, Peckham etc as 'Its full of naijas, so raz, etc'. Youths making fun of their parents accents etc. Fucking retarded (un PC, I know!) idiots. You are making fun of yourselves.
If we Blacks do not love or respect each other, why should others?
Zuma - Rapist. Enough said.

Anonymous,  10:00 am  

Its not just non Nigerian landlords doing fact most of the ones I encountered were Nigerian landlords.
I have no words for this article. Not shocked, not surprised...standard fare...hate to say...but if I dare focus on the fact that her last name is Katz...then I will be accused of antisemitism..but lately I have run into so many Steinbergs, Katzs, etc that are guilty of this way of thinking and the worst is that they cover it up with liberal invisibility cloaks...of course junior positions only..."I have no problem with long as they know their place...

Anonymous,  11:59 am  

The fact that her last name is Katz and given the history of anti-semitism makes the article more shocking...
Social Darwinism comes to mind...

Anonymous,  6:13 pm  

You people are just deceiving yourselves.

You're the kind of people that think Obama is going to ever be President of US.

Even when it is not explicitly stated, darlings, there are 'no blacks' signs all over the place.

This sassy bitch is simply saying what everyone knows and practices, under the gossamer veil of polite language.

As for Zuma, not guilty of rape, remember. NOT guilty. But you guys don't fret over little things like hard facts, just pie-in-the-sky wishful thinking.

Mbeki is gone and Zuma will be zooming past in the Presidential motorcade very soon.

Wake up darlings, this is the real world, not some fucking poem.


Anonymous,  3:38 am  

Everyone is racist!!!
The difference is which race is in a position of power to let their racism adversely affect other ethnic groups. Unfortunately, so far in the history of the world and for the foreseeable future, whites have typically been in the position of power.
Nevertheless, the fact that this evidence of racism "no blacks, please!" was actually recorded in an email is interesting. Over here in the US, She'd probably get her ass handed to her in one of many lawsuits. She definitely wouldn't be running her business for much longer!!

Kayode Muyibi,  11:18 am  

wow. Assuming her reasons was because she wanted stable employees, why cant she just open contract senior positions with collateral?

I don't think her preference is racially motivated. We could say she is bias, but hec it is her corporations and she wants to have less exposure to the risk of loosing employees that seem to be a hot catch.

Its a complement, I suppose :)

dapxin 12:57 am  

Katz for president :)

At least, she's got audacity to be honest about it.

And landlords saying, no blacks, in Nigeria. Hmnnn!

I am tired of all the madness of this world sef....Interesting takes in here sha.

God bless Zuma!

Anonymous,  10:57 pm  

This article does not bug me. I Just think that at BLACKS IS TIME WE SHOW THE WORLD WE NOT sHIT!!! whether we like it or not we are each other's ambassador, how r u represent NIGERIA? how are you representing AFRICA? how are u representing being BLACK?


OBAMA '08 I know its killin all u haters and dream-deferrers.. hahahaha...

u can't knock the BLACK PERSON DOWN, we will keep rising.

OGNIADN,  1:52 pm  

"This article does not bug me. I Just think that at BLACKS IS TIME WE SHOW THE WORLD WE NOT sHIT!!! whether we like it or not we are each other's ambassador, how r u represent NIGERIA? how are you representing AFRICA? how are u representing being BLACK?


This is precisely why the ignorant black has no place in an educated society. They are less than qualified for most positions and simply obtain them because the fear that has been created by the legal system kissing the black mans ass...I for one am tired of making up for crap that I had nothing to do with hundreds of years ago. Virtually every race has had some sort of repression against them, but it is only the lazy black and hispanic that continue to harp on these issues rather than overcome them. The dominant belief is that they are entitled whether deserving or not. They don't want to bring up their race through hard work and proof of viability, but rather stand around with their hand out (the one not holding the 40oz or crack pipe),and when denied something, they immediately scream racism rather than find alternatives.

If they want equity, then I suggest they stop living the stereotypes and do something that would make others respect them.

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