Tuesday, September 02, 2008

US journo arrrested in Nigeria

For poking around in the Niger Delta too much without authorisation. Here.


Anonymous,  3:19 am  

Here comes the bloody yankees thinking they can go into any of those "backward" countries and do as they please. Lock his ass up!!

Anonymous,  9:23 am  

"........The S.S.S. will investigate him, and once they are satisfied they will release him, God willing.”
What an ominous phrase.
Aint he lucky God willed it?

Mike,  3:01 pm  

This is why I love Nigeria.

Red Eyes of Fire 4:49 pm  

What is there to spy on in a region with creeping environmental problems, that needs global attention? Ignorant people in authority. Rather than use their head to get ahead, power is getting to their head! Envious b*******! Probably an eye for an eye i.e. to make him/her feel good for the inferiority suffered when outside Nigeria. Obviously racially motivated. Whoever ordered the arrest is terribly ignorant and obviously with some inferior complex...

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