Thursday, September 11, 2008

When the mechanic is not on seat...

Needs must, to get from B to A.

Snapped near the Federal Secretariat, in go-slow.


Bombchell 6:10 pm  

huh. im just staring trying to figure it out.

Sandrine 6:48 pm  

Hi Jeremy,
So I guess you guys don't have any duct tape?Please tell me it's not your car!

Red Eyes 7:09 pm  

What a bang! This must have come as a bombshell...

Jaycee 8:14 pm  

Lol. Na wa o...

simeoneomobaba 8:19 pm  

funny thing . but me thinks i have seen this same car in this same situation this week...

Rita 9:43 pm  

I have become very ingenuous with wires and not sure the mechanics would like to see this pix...

naijalines 11:31 pm  

The ingenuity and resourcefulness of Nigerians can't be beaten. Just wish we'd use it where it matters the most.

Red Eyes 12:13 pm  


Like thay have done with the proposed ministry of the niger delta?

Anonymous,  2:03 pm  

i was in traffic once and saw that the indicator light on the bumper of a bus was held in place with a little loop of copper wire.
Then i looked and saw the bumper itself was held onto the metal body of the bus by another loop of copper wire.
then i saw the whole wing and door of the bus were held onto the chassis with little loops of copper wire.
and thenm i saw the driver, who clocked my slack-jawed look of amazement and was laughing that deep belly laugh of the totally unconcerned.

who ever thought that picture was a sign of "ingenuity and resourcefulness"?
idiocy is not ingenuity.
Ingenuity is building a brilliant solution to a problem with what you have to hand -that works.
idiocy is tieing a car bumper on with a bit of plastic in a slapdash manner.
there is a difference. the failure to recognise that difference is partly why this country doesn't work.
honestly... picture this: a meeting of top level huyundai designers convene to work out an engineering problem with their new car. the new hybrid drive doesn't connect properly to the differential manifold, and there's only two weeks before production must begin... they scratch their heads for hours.
then suddenly Mr Park, the junior designer, picks up a small plastic cable tie and Hey presto! the car can barely come to rest on the US showroom before it is snapped up by an eagre customer!
"Ingenuity and resourcefulness"
you guys crack me up.

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