Thursday, September 25, 2008

With Love, From Friends fundraiser in London, Oct 4.

Fundraising event/ball for a worthy cause on the 4th October - With Love, From Friends is a charity dedicated to provide basic infrastructure and resources in schools in Nigeria.

All the funds raised goes to the ACDI project( they are building a school for children living in the Iwaya community in lagos, so all the funds raised goes to the school).


HUn,  3:55 pm  

am going! always good to support a cause and give back!

Red Eyes 8:46 pm  

I hope all those responsible will deliver the lifeblood

Anonymous,  1:04 pm  

We sure will!

76kid,  11:08 pm  

I am goin with my other half tomorrow night. We're looking forward to it and helping a worthy cause.

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