Tuesday, September 30, 2008

adeSIJI out today!

Siji's latest album is available to buy online here from today. Its available at high quality 320kpbs. Its a steal at 10 bucks.

We had the good fortune to meet Siji in Brooklyn last week. He is a lovely lovely chap. The album is gorgeous. The guy is a star in the making.

Photo by Yemsky.


Anonymous,  10:51 am  

the man is fine O! a cool cat

Red Eyes 12:39 pm  

I really like one of the tunes ..."Ekundayo"

sounds really nice

balo7 1:26 pm  

I was able to download some of his tunes('Irinajo','Fantasy','Home') all thanks to Mr Weate and I must say they are banging!I am sure he will be a great jam artiste...i think his beard is cool too.

Just a Listener,  2:33 pm  

Great album...'Ekundayo' is amazing. One of the Nigerian labels should snap this guy up, quick quick.

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