Friday, September 12, 2008

The Rough Guide to Nigeria

The new Rough Guide to Nigeria is now out - part of the Rough Guide to West Africa. I wrote the Nigeria section. Its the best tourist guide to Nigeria out there - even if I do say so myself!

On UK Amazon here.
US Amazon here.


Waffarian 12:47 pm  

I will buy it(soon)just to see what you wrote about the Niger Delta area....or did you just skip us and say "stick to the north"? hahahahahaha

Anonymous,  2:50 am  

A chap who cannot point out what ECOWAS means is writing a guide about West Africa. Na so we see am o. What is that quote about history favoring those who write it? I fear d guide already.

Lost at The End 7:07 pm  

I was also wondering. Why Jeremy?

Anonymous,  7:56 pm  

Don't forget as well - he is our Messiah who will put naija on the map.

Anonymous,  10:25 pm  

messi.kini? which dirty messiah?

sha sha u better have written something good oo and for the most part ignored the bad.

I saw a really terrible guide to Nigeria (bradt.. i think) that abused everything Nigerian and I'm sure has kept more than a few away. By the way, why cant a passport holding Nigerian write it?


Anonymous,  2:17 pm  

Thats right. classic nigerian attitude.
Blame the guidebook!
its those bloody guidebook writers that make society so shit in this country.
Its the guidebooks, writing lies about nigeria that mean most of our people are poor, and there is no security for travellers.
Those guidebook writers are the ones that are corrupting our police and making them stop travellers on the roads demanding bribes in the guise of "policework".
its the guidebook writers who told the immigration service to stop foreigners in the country on legitimate visas in the street and go through lengthy checks of their documents because their white skin marks them out as havnig easy money to part with.
Its the guidebook writers who believe that money has no real value and that a shithole of hotel with rooms with no water and dirty beds are worth £50 a night.
and last of all it is the guidebook writers who believe that the way to make travel safe is to drive your bush taxi at breakneck speed through the rain overtaking on blind bends.

you are all idiots

Anonymous,  8:23 pm  

@2:17 - Will you save US Nigerians then? We are WAITING as per usual. I'm ready when you are. My address is...

Robbie Honerkamp 1:11 am  

I've got it, but haven't had a chance to look at it yet. RG is the guidebook I always point people to who are going to Nigeria. LP seems to be almost frightened to send people to Nigeria- until the most recent LP Africa book, they'd just say that they were unable to update the chapter because of "conditions" in country.
When I first came to Lagos in 1999, the Rough Guide book was the only book that didn't take a "OMG!!! YOU'RE GOING TO DIE!!!" attitude towards Lagos. I've always respected them for that.

CodLiverOil 2:31 am  

I've no issue who wrote the article as long as it's truthful, there should be no problem with that.

@Anonymous at 2.17 pm, your points were good, but the end of your post, insulting with the previous posts was out of order. Why people on this blog feel the need to do that is beyond me.

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