Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Metropolitan...

We were led around the Metropolitan Museum today - in an hour and a half we covered perhaps 50% of the rooms. Three standouts: the Africa room - see the Igbo mask to the left, the ancient Greek pots and Cycladic marble sculptures (from 2400BC+) and the Chinese garden and adjoining study room.

The museum is incredible - cultural treasures that stretch the imagination to the limit. Every trip to New York will have to involve a day here from now on...


Aaron Rowe 9:48 am  

I agree with that.

I visited The Met in 2003 and planned for a half day visit. In the end we spent two days there, using the audio tour guide, and there were still plenty of rooms I hadn't seen.

New York City is the only other place in the world I've been that 'feels like' Lagos.

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