Thursday, September 18, 2008

Zina Saro-Wiwa's This is My Africa at Salamander

A good turn out to see Zina present her fabulously uplifting film This is my Africa at Salamander. Spot the Jeremy (Zina sitting to my left).

Once she's sorted out all the rights (for the clips etc) it should be for sale. It will probably turn out to be a much bigger project, with thousands of This is my Africas emerging on the website that will soon be set up...

The film is showing again on Sunday at 6pm at our film club at Salamander.


Jaycee 10:16 pm  

Saw her CNN clip and loved what I saw...

Waffarian 11:15 pm  

Chei Jeremy! I think say you just appear from "wuthering heights", I swear!

Red Eyes 10:33 pm  

u've started looking like those nigerians who feel ever so fragile we all are!

Chioma 10:54 pm  

Cool, i hope i can do something like this when i'm done with my trip, because all that filming has to be useful for something.

Jeremy, would it be polite to ask for Zina's email address?

kandy,  9:27 am  

[email protected] heights indeed!! Give Jeremy some credit, I dont think he looks like any of those guys in that movie..certainly not heathcliff!! Lool.. i like the mini side burns though..dont know, if thats what they are called, in masculinese!!

Red Eyes 12:11 pm  

come to think of it, i think you look more like madam de genlis!

am so envious

Waffarian 2:05 pm  

@kandy, I don't know about the movie oh but when I read that novel years ago, this is how I pictured Heathcliff in my head! Dark features, side burns, etc hehehehehhee i swear, as i see the pic...i just shout, "no be heathcliff be dis?"

Red Eyes 3:00 pm  

Ok, on a more serious note I'm looking forward to the website being setup and I admire Saro Wiwa's children for their contributions.

Naapali 7:58 pm  

@ Jeremy
- why u look like say u don vex for dis foto?

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