Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Annkio Briggs on Hard Talk

Niger Delta activist Annkio Briggs was on Hard Talk this evening. If you missed it, click here.


Lekan 4:25 am  

Its funny.....if naija oil was found in Kaura Namoda years back instead of the status quo, I'm pretty sure individuals and entities like "Annkio Briggs", "MEND" (Hausa version) would have sprung up.....To scream out over the roof tops that the system is bad is a NO-BRAINER...the niger delta (and Nigeria as a whole) doesnt need complainers and ranters....solution providers willing to get their "hands dirty" in bringing this elusive development, while using the systems and oppurtunities available is whats being lacking for ages!

Lekan 4:33 am  

....cos day by day, the people springing up to champion the plight of the delta keep looking like opportunists......are the "Saro wiwa's", "Chris okigbos", of this generation none existent?

Anonymous,  8:26 am  

The fact remains that every Nigerian is to blame for the Niger Delta crisis!
It is funny how all the "freedom fighters" never hold accountable the governors of the Delta states who are already being given a larger percentage of the budget than other states, but have nothing to show for it. The "freedom fighters" would never antagonize the local politicians because they are on their payroll.
Its stories like this that smother the last bit of hope I foster for Nigeria!

Anonymous,  5:53 pm  

Annkio BriggS, a woman of power, the woman who forever speaks the truth, our izon lady, fight for us we are right behind you all the way. God Bless You and you family.

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