Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mario on Egusi...

Media design guru Mario Garcia on the wonders of Egusi, here.


Air beneath my feet 1:43 pm  

Oh, my dear Naijablog, one of the things I do miss about food and home. This is a very good one brother!

Anonymous,  2:06 pm  

quien es? who is this guy?

anengiyefa,  3:02 pm  

Jeremy do his thoughts on egusi soup mirror your own?

Jaycee 6:52 pm  

Funny enough, I'd like to know ur answer to anenguyefa...

Egusi is the coolest thing! Lol.

Jeremy 7:19 pm  

Yep Egusi is good. But its better without MSG (maggi) which gives me a headache..

Anonymous,  7:29 pm  

does anybody know which newspaper project Mario Garcia is working on?
It's very impressive that a media designer of his calibre is working on a Nigerian project! About time a Nigeria paper gave design and photography the attention it deserves.

Anonymous,  1:46 am  

Jeremy you seem to be involved in so many interesting project in Nigeria. So which newspaper are we talking about? It is probably owned by a state governor. But then again it can't be if they are bringing me guru Mario to town.

oya na Jeremy spill the beans. You know you are dying to!!

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