Saturday, January 09, 2010

Amsterdam on the terror list

Robert Amsterdam has yet another excellent piece on Nigeria in the Huff Post here. The State Department caved in to raw political expediency in putting Nigeria on the terror list - definitely a bum move by Obama. How long will it take for the country to be removed, and what will be the consequences now that Nigerians have been labelled as potential terrorists en masse?


Anonymous,  12:09 pm  

Jeremy, this is a flawed piece that could have come from the Madam rebranding herself. "Nigerian Muslims and Christians have forged a mostly harmonious co-existence that is rare and desirable, and culturally there exists the type of moderate Islam that is a beacon for the future" - which planet is he on? Is he talking about the South or the North? Moderate Islam is giving way to fundamentalist Islam in the SW due to the growth of Christianity? Peaceful co-existence, my arse!!! You have different denominations of both faith trying to convert each other and preaching that their God is the only God. As a Lagos based Muslim woman who wears the hijab, many Christians move away from me on public buses and start preaching from the Bible. I move closer. It is false co-existence but this does not happen in the North. It is much more blatant as they are killing each other. Christians bought land in Sokoto (where Islam entered Nigeria) and many Muslims are pissed as it shows their insensitive that nowhere is sacred. Because Abdulmutallab is far from a typical Nigerian, we should even be more worried based on how we are currently co-existing. We are only rejecting Abdulmutallab as it makes it more difficult for us to 'travel out'. Also, Abdulmutallab went to Lome at the age of 14 when he had already amassed his religious ideas. What type of Islam did his family practice before he left our shores? We are on the list, I believe because we are a failed state - no leadership has dealt with with the religious situation that has raged since we became Nigeria. Quite simply, there is a power vacuum as well and no-one is tackling the issue. Hence we are on the list.
Lastly, look at the Arabisation (particularly Saudi Arabia) of the North through the TV, schools etc.
I think Abdulmutallab was let through customs in Amsterdam by Robert Amsterdam himself based on this rebranding piece.

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