Saturday, January 23, 2010

On the courtroom portrait

Has it ever occurred to you why - in the UK at least, does this happen elsewhere? - photography is not permitted inside a courtroom? The court is supposed to be a theatre for the production of truth, or rather, a theatre for the approximation of the production of truth (or is it a theatre for the production of approximate truth?). Why then do we only get to see sketches (approximate truth) and not photography (approximately the truth)? Is this a slight on the competency of sketch-makers? Or is photography too much truth, or perhaps too much in the direction of the appearance of truth?

In the final analysis, is now not the time to allow approved photography in British courts? In the case of the Edlington brothers, Photoshop would obscure their faces equally well. We seem to be stuck in the 19th century on this one for some shadowed reason.


Anonymous,  5:47 pm  

the same way I feel about Nigerian lawyers and the wig thing. Probably even more perverse than the prohibition of photos in court rooms.

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