Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jos update

Update from Norma at Zamani Farms from this morning:

However we awoke to hear heavy gunfire in several areas of Jos, and saw a lot of smoke from burning buildings. The gunfire continued for several hours, and sounds like heavy artillery was being used. It is like being at a warfront.

The government has now announced that the Jos area is under 24 hour curfew, so no one can leave their house. At this point the gunfire has quieted down somewhat, but is still sporadic.

Obviously we cannot deliver any vegetables tomorrow.

We will keep you updated on the situation. If things settle down, and it is possible to go to the farm, we will hire an extra vehicle and try to deliver all orders on Friday. But at this point it is impossible to say.

Thanks to all of you who sent us messages of support and sympathy. All staff of Zamani Farms are alright so far and are trying to stay safe.


joicee 1:45 pm  

Stay Safe!!!!!

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