Friday, January 22, 2010

Something for the weekend...


nneoma 4:29 pm  

HAHAHA...why didn't you warn us!
I opened this video while at a coffee shop and I'm sure the other patrons thought I was going mad. I cried and cried and cried. And cried some more! Unnecessarily funny.

Myne Whitman 8:04 pm  

That presenter just had no clue! LWKMD! From the fresh prince of BelAir to Star Wars...LOL...

joicee 9:59 pm  

I know this presenter,....hhahahahaha ...too funny

joicee 10:01 pm  

I know this presenter,....hhahahahaha ...too funny

Kola Tubosun 7:31 am  

"The devil is a bad devil."
Amen somebody! :D

Olu,  6:20 pm  

Some Christians need to get around more ibeg. But it think he was on to the joke o. Didn't he later say there were some "Mongolians on the system" ?

Reminds me of the hysteria following the invasion of Nigeria by Harry Potter. You should have heard those prayers..LMAO

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