Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Urgent request for supplies for survivors

Forwarded message from Katrin Macmillan, based here in Abuja:

Dear friends,

I am collecting supplies to distribute to survivors of the attacks in Jos. There are displaced people in and around Jos, many camping at police stations with nothing but the clothes that they fled in. They are destitute as their homes have been burned down and their possessions destroyed.

I am collecting donations of blankets, camp beds, clothes (child and adult), and non-perishable foods to distribute in Jos. Please bring packing boxes if you have any.

The ICRC and Nigerian Red Cross have assured that they will manage and supervise the safe distribution of these goods. They will be given directly to those in need, so please do donate what you can.

I will be collecting all supplies at our house; Shell Imani Compound, Madeira Street, House 29. I will be here to receive your donations today and tomorrow (20th and 21st January) and will then help to coordinate their safe passage to Jos, and appropriate distribution.
With thanks in advance,



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